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100 yuan of the following economy hotel tries water Hangzhou market in successio

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Afterwards 99 yuan of “ after my hotel ” , hangzhou reopen a 100 yuan of the following economy hotel, and hotel position is apart from a west lake to be less than ten minutes on foot. Yesterday, group of hotel of Chinese front courtyard announces, chinese front courtyard of ” of hotel of afterwards “ Chinese front courtyard, “ is quick after ” , “ of its subordinate the 3rd brand first inn is in ” of hotel of Chinese front courtyard Hangzhou is formal practice, price and “ my hotel ” is same, annual unites valence, every 99 yuan.

A year ago, my hotel ” is in “ Hangzhou opens business, this is “ of card of inferior of division of group of beautiful star passenger liner a door inn that my hotel ” is in China, 99 yuan. Before half an year, flummery hotel is outside west lake area east hill lane opens business, this is a door inn that chain of American flummery hotel is in China, lowest 95 yuan. Yesterday, chinese front courtyard fixes a price it again in 100 yuan brand of the following “ hotel ” is in Hangzhou to try water.

Chief inspector of market of group of hotel of Chinese front courtyard applies Bei Xia to say, hangzhou lies fallow this city, very attract youth, knapsack a group of things with common features, it is the optimal soil that develops 100 yuan of the following economy hotel. She thinks even: “ if Chinese front courtyard is done in Hangzhou bad, be no good for certain to other city. ”

The market supports her speech. “ my hotel ”273 room, arrive on the weekend, holiday explodes full, ferial enter rate also be in 90% above. After practice of ” of “ flummery hotel enter rate is same very tall, because the business is too good, the hotel had increased house price, ferial house price every 125 yuan - 195 yuan, arrived on the weekend time, go up again even 30 yuan. Store of the store of clear river mill of flummery hotel, boat Shandong road has opened in succession piece, they still are preparing the others branch.

Try during doing business, of hotel of Chinese front courtyard enter rate is adjacent already 50% . Hotel manager Xu Jie says, when small mid-autumn long holiday, order about gave 100 rooms. Shi Beixia says, besides establish self-help to serve cut cost as far as possible, enter a leading also is hotel profit main factor high. “ our requirement, this year of National Day hind 5 days, hotel should be achieved of 100% enter rate, and such enter high rate maintain all the time go down, basically accomplish 365 light sun 100% enter rate. ”

Of hotel of Chinese front courtyard enter halt, whether can you affect other 100 yuan of the following economy hotel? Store of my shop of hotel ” Hangzhou grows “ Ying Yong thinks temporary won't, he feels this market is very big, at present have not saturated. And, two inn differ on situation very far, my hotel ” is in “ the station austral the car, come-and-go businessmen is very much, made sure its passenger flow is measured, and ” of hotel of “ Chinese front courtyard is near scene area, more attract tourist.
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