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Hotel of economy of chain of Hangzhou of golden week drawing near explodes full

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11 golden weeks draw near, 26 days, the parents that Zhang Xin plans to come to Hangzhou to play books a room, but made countless telephone calls that book a room, discover Hangzhou majority interlinks source of economic hotel room, be located in scene area, downtown to be taken especially, be booked before half month one sky.

And the astral class hotel that asked a few west lakes the edge, though return superabundant house, but at every turn the price of 669 yuan of one evening, let her indeed very embarrassed, can blame oneself only unresponsive, “ helper ” is too late.

26 days, the reporter investigates discovery, be located in the chain economy of downtown hotel, on September 28 ——10 month between 4 date, already basically can offer without empty room book. The downstage staff member of fierce forest square says hotel of Chinese front courtyard, 11 during be in only between hotel mark 279 yuan foundation before last moved price on the weekend 10 yuan, be ordered early. Some “ guests shift to an earlier date two months ordered for 11 golden weeks. ” and of same a sector of an area be like a quick hotel, guest room is in at ordinary times the foundation of valence rose on the weekend 50—60 yuan, but also do not have more than room.

The hotel of class of a few fast stars that is located in river bank of pond of west lake edge, money, the 11 prices during also have small go up. Nevertheless, because originally the price between mark is in 600 yuan of above, allow a few worker worker “ of tourist of firewood a group of things with common features flinchs ” , so source of at present room still is compared relatively abundant. The reporter understands from the ministry booking a room of big public house of guesthouse looking at a lake, sea China, at present of these hotels book a quantity to be in 50% the left and right sides.

“ the circumstance according to in former years, fast star class goes vacationing the fastigium booking a room of the hotel, can come in before the golden week 34 talents commonly. ” Suo Fei is special a haven of peace goes vacationing Xu Junhong of manager of hotel market medium says, at present this hotel still has the room cause of nearly 1/3, but predicting future can enter “ a few days ” of period of sell like hot cakes.

And those who be located in money pond river bank is accurate day of hotel of 5 stars class yuan edifice, in 11 during did not rise in price not only, instead with art dragon, carry the network such as Cheng to order room center to do ” of “ sales promotion together, live the hotel gives Hangzhou first new city (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) the entrance ticket of international music division, with the Gao Xing of west lake edge the hotel is contended for grab passenger source.

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