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Firework section that evening rocket of price of room of the hotel side Qian Tan

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On October 25 (this Saturday) in the evening, the firework of bright will blossom in Qian Tangjiang edge. When the beauty that harvests firework when citizen, tourist is gorgeous, the hotel that is located in by the side of Qian Tangjiang criterion aux will be able to reaps full fortune. One is located in money between Jiang Sanqiao and money Jiang Siqiao face river hotel, firework section that evening, price of river scene house by 258 ferial yuan / rocket reachs 1018 yuan / , went up full 3 times. Current, the room of this hotel sells already place remnant very few.

Move by west lake edge to Qian Tangjiang edge, firework section has become annual Xibohui the grand meeting of complete Hangzhou person. The firework congress this year again east move, flowery firework is mixed in money Jiang Sanqiao Qian Jiang is set off between 4 bridges, brought the source of revenue of billow for the businessman around.

Guesthouse of Hangzhou numerous center is in Qian Jiangxin city, as it happens is in 3 bridges and between 4 bridges, on October 25, this house price that allows hotel of 4 stars class is 1018 yuan / , river scene room, be opposite Qian Tangjiang. Crossed this one day, its house price reachs rapid fall after a rise 258 yuan / , differred full 3 times.

The day that is located in money river new city likewise yuan edifice, although the river scene room of the hotel has the window of a side to be able to see firework only, but sell likewise gave 1024 yuan / the high price between.

Of the wishful thinking that making firework part, of course not merely hotel. Firework section that day, the You Lun of date of an uncle gentleman that anchor is by the side of 4 bridges rolled out firework steamer ticket. The tourist can sit in the boat, taste the beautiful wine that feed the United States, looking up is gorgeous firework. Such acme is enjoyed, price nature does not poor, 2000 yuan / .

Go up by the side of money Jiang Yiqiao river go vacationing village, the guest room of river of more than 20 faces hangs list price is 580 yuan / . Go vacationing the village still did a firework self-help cocktail party on the gazebo of the 5 buildings side the river, every 298 yuan. “ guest can enjoy beautiful wine to admire firework at the same time at the same time on gazebo, also can blow river wind edge to see firework, value live in go vacationing the village, enjoy go vacationing the service with satisfied and comfortable village, need not drive congested crowd to come home. ” goes vacationing the Li Ping of ministry of village public relations says.

High price theres is no lack of the person that buy sheet. 20 days, distance firework section still has a week, numerous center guesthouse 92 river scene room has made work exhaust, other floor also remnant 9. “ has intent to book a room, must come ahead of schedule pay 400 yuan of deposit. If retreat,order, must shift to an earlier date 4 days to inform, otherwise deposit does not grant to return. The young lady booking a room of ” hotel says.
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