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" circular economy promotes a doctrine " to the hotel 6 small influence

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The one-time things that wash gargle is in guesthouse is very common, and collect fees separately no longer. Since next year, they may be collected fees or offer no longer. Because " circular economy promotes a doctrine " carry out at rising on January 1, 2009 hind, one-time consumable produces a sale to will be affected.

   Be in Hangzhou, greatly small astral class public house has hundreds.

The country is right after one-time consumable levy, one-time things produces a sale to accept restriction, guesthouse hotel will be affected undoubtedly. As we have learned, a common economy hotel expends “ every year 6 small ” exceed 150 thousand yuan. " circular economy promotes a doctrine " after coming on stage, 6 small ” become hotel “ one of attention dots.

   One-time consumable production will accept restriction

One-time tableware, guesthouse is used to use the appearance such as the one-time things that wash gargle in cafeteria very general. A few days ago, standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress passes " circular economy promotes a doctrine " the production of one-time to this kind consumable and sale try to restrict. This code is decided, the country falls in safeguard product safety and healthful premise, limitation wastes the production of the resource, one-time consumable that destroys an environment and sale, specific directory develops general administration to be made jointly with the concerned director branch such as finance of the State Council, environmental protection by economy of loop of the State Council.

The production that records medium one-time consumable to including a regulation the name and sale, the measure such as the taxation that waits for director division system to decide restricted by Wu of finance of the State Council, duty and foreign trade and exit.

The reporter understands, before new law comes on stage, " begin the whole people about development the announcement of energy-saving action " in put forward, restaurant of of all kinds hotel offers the one-time articles for use that wash gargle not actively.

Additional, new law a the biggest characteristic is do one's best decreases on manufacturing fountainhead use up, in the product use extreme takes seriously use up, accomplish make the best use of everything, with one action to be gotten more. Consequently, new law washs the one-time consumable such as gargle things to undertake limitative to hotel guesthouse, its are energy-saving fall the target of bad news is very specific.

  Wasteful rate is as high as 70% above

Near station of Hangzhou car north old manager tells ministry of guest room of the business affairs of level of grade of a SamSung hotel the reporter, 6 small ” expend “ waste is big, big, such state is inside hotel industry already be accustomed to sth. Because one guest changes one-time tooth brush, comb to wait, changing time base still is new originally, wasteful rate is as high as 70% above.
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