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Hotel alliance: By the emancipator that the brim converts small bit public house

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Not long ago, a monomer hotel that predecessor is SamSung class joined square of Zhejiang Hangzhou Wu Lin astral Cheng hotel is allied, registered the trademark of new public house. After joining alliance, most those who let a hotel take a fancy to is to be opened already famous degree, still had stable passenger source medium of communication.

Regard the chain of small public house as configuration, current, such hotel alliance is becoming the emancipator of the public house of monomer of small bit class that is converted by the brim gradually.

Suffer the two sides converging attack of hotel of fast star class and economy hotel, be in a devil of a hole of a large number of hotel of small bit class of long triangle area. Shanghai brigade appoint director path book bright say, shanghai is in everyday produce new public house while, also 2 is shut to hotel of class of 3 small bits, hotel.

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