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Zhejiang hotel and farmhouse knot are happy for farmhouse to sweet case lira dra

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The city zone of Jin Hua Wu grooms for the farmer cultivate lira of technology, sweet case to solicit trade for farmhouse happy “ an outstanding student of university of ” , Zhejiang sends science and technology, Hangzhou Jiang Gan for common people the area contacts the job to wait for the disabled, since this year May, complete province was begun up and down send a service large-scaly the activity, many units, enterprise produces oneself advantage, resolve real difficulty to contact village, company, the help contacts plan of poineering innovation of plan of village, company.

Put down hoe to grab head of the first stroke of a Chinese character, the farmer is busy attend class

Come day after day, countryside of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of the city zone of Jin Hua Wu discusses as one falls in office building of Home Zhang village, village office building became hall of a lecture given to a large number of students, of serious inside attend a lecture is not a student, however each just cultivated Tian Li from nursery stock busy the farmer that come back.

Hall of a lecture given to a large number of students is the actual condition that branch of move of labor of country of Wu the city zone is aimed at countryside of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, cultivate the technical respect such as flowers, nursery stock for the ”—— of “ special mess that local villager opens groom directive.

The countryside ” of the “ China camellia with famed far and near of countryside of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of Wu the city zone, whole country the villager of 1/2 is with cultivating flowers, nursery stock makes a living. Mix more effectively to groom this press close to is actual, the relevant leader that is in charge of grooming returns special go to the fields, go cropland head survey, the doubtful point that understanding farmer exists in the process that plant a flower and technical difficulty, after the problem collect that mirrors everybody is arranged, specific aim ground asked a few major groom on the technologist class.

You see “ I put down hoe, took a steamed bread to come attended class. ” issues colourful blueness of Lv of villager of Home Zhang village to learn very seriously.

   Sweet case lira pulls guest ” for farmhouse happy “

Farmhouse of guesthouse looking at a lake farmhouse of guesthouse of happy, Zhejiang is happy, sweet these names will become happy —— of case lira farmhouse the ” of “ formal name that become civilized county counts a farmhouse Le Jing to nod.

Close paragraph of time, the 4 units chief such as Motor Corporation of travel of external affairs of restaurant of lira of the hotel looking at a lake that visits Zhou Yugen of secretary of president of tourism group company, Party committee to lead group subordinate, Zhejiang guesthouse, sweet case, Zhejiang, come to become civilized knot of tourist attraction of happy ” of each “ farmhouse serves to sending.
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