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The likelihood is not hotel moon cake to be produced oneself when selling if do

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As the drawing near of the Mid-autumn Festival, besides supermarket, bazaar, many hotels also are fond of Hangzhou sell moon cake. However, the reporter investigates discovery, “ sticks card ” to entrust others to machine the moon cake that most hotel sells, and, the hotel sells the moon cake that give to compare outside should expensive much.
A chief that hotel moon cake sells says, the moon cake of this hotel is to entrust Hangzhou this locality actually a moon cake produces an enterprise, the brand is affixed when the hotel just arrives. Why is “ done so? ” this chief says, actually, a lot of hotels do not have the condition that produces moon cake and aptitude, especially after nearly two years the country executes QS food attestation to moon cake, stricter to producing segment, say so, also can undertake “ sticks card ” to sell only.

Hotel why “ sticks card ” production, do not wrap mount to tag relevant production manufacturer in ceremony box again? The explanation of this controller is: “ citizen thinks hotel sale moon cake is high-grade and wholesome generally, and think hotel production comes out this all the time. So most hotel caters to the idea of consumer to use the method that stick a card. ”

According to reporter understanding, nowadays, the moon cake price that sells in the hotel does not poor, general one is about a hundred yuan are controlled, after some courses are packed, sell 800 multivariate. As photogenic as the market than, the moon cake of taste of same raw material, the hotel wants a lot of times taller. “ has so high profit, in the sale that just can so much hotel joins every days cake. Controller of company of production of a moon cake tells ” Hangzhou the reporter.

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