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Open yuan of hotel group to will be in 3 ground of wood of Er of Chengdu, Lhasa,

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A few days ago, open frequency of yuan of good news of travel trade group to pass- - drive yuan of hotel management company (limited company of chemical industry of natural gas of the grand in Www.ncihotel.com) and Qinghai, Chengdu double shed line of business of suitable space buy limited company and Tibetan Lhasa Jin Zhu are versed in trade enterprise of 3 civilian battalion signs limited company at the same time entrust administrative agreement, make jointly be located in hotel of class of 3 western 5 stars- - Chengdu megalosaurus opens yuan of Sheng Kaiyuan in a big public house, Lhasa the grand in big public house and Qinghai opens the name yuan of big public house.

Ceremonially is made an appointment with in the autograph that day, open vice president of yuan of travel trade group, open yuan of hotel group general manager Mr Chen Canrong expresses: “ we are honoured to be able to obtain Chengdu, Lhasa, Geermu very much the management of hotel of class of 3 5 stars counterpoises. These 3 hotels that at the same time the autograph makes an appointment with today are us the first pace that to the west hotel market steps, we hope to leave through output yuan management and brand, make these public houses the optimal window that communicates external for city of these a few one class, for local economy construction makes contribution. ”

And president of square Xiao Yongming says owner: We serve as “ western large civilian battalion company, in Qinghai at present Geermu formed the manufacturing company that is an organic whole with sale of potash fertilizer production, the copper mine industry that is an organic whole with development, sale was formed in Tibetan Lhasa, in the meantime, hotel of the grand in hotel, Qinghai is being gotten the better of in Chengdu megalosaurus hotel, Lhasa still is being had below the banner hotel of class of 3 5 stars, total investment will exceed 2 billion yuan. The option leaves yuan cooperate with us, because it is preeminent civilian battalion company,be, 2 it is to be based on its good brand reputation and outstanding classics battalion outstanding achievement. ”

Chengdu is Sichuan province provincial capital, one of deputy provincial towns, also be the traffic key position with southwest significant ministry. Chengdu megalosaurus leaves yuan big public house is located in the name the Yan Xianhua austral the road austral people of the Chengdu City is in relief paragraph mainstay line is left, be apart from the airport to make an appointment with 16 kilometers, from government of the Chengdu City (new office ground) it is 5 kilometers about. The hotel will build 2011, the hotel floor area that new building is about 80 thousand smooth rice, guest room predicts to will achieve 443.

And the Lhasa that thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located as the the Xizang Autonomous Region, it is one of cities with the top height above sea level on the world. The Sheng Kaiyuan in Lhasa big public house is located in the name the road in Jin Zhu of line of mainstay of Lhasa urban district 22, xiang Buda pulls palace east, apart 3 kilometers. This hotel is apart from Lhasa airport to make an appointment with 70 kilometers, the railway station makes an appointment with 3 kilometers. Predicting hotel will build 2010, its floor area is about 24 thousand smooth rice, guest room will achieve 200.
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