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Carry on is promoted happy event of meal of domestic banquet fiery earns one tic

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14 days are annual mid-autumn festival, what differ with in former years is, the Mid-autumn Festival this year hooks up double cease day has a holiday 3 days. Because of typhonic “ Senlake the reason of ” , a lot of people that plan to travel originally changed a plan, and domestic banquet lets carry on promote meal mid-autumn indeed fire one.

“ has a client to book before half many month mid-autumn domestic banquet, previously, family of the Mid-autumn Festival comes of have dinner not too much, perhaps yesterday is the cause of small long holiday, festal atmosphere is particularly so apparent, the Shenyang manager of ministry of meal of big public house tells ” Yin Tai the reporter, lift the home to had come mid-autumn, the client that takes reunion meal is particularly much, it is almost a few Dai Tongtang comes along, the seat of all balcony in the hotel and hall is full, old person, child a 10 much mouth people are supporting sb with hand each other come have dinner, be in harmony of its Le Rong, many guests still took a photograph of whole family between banquet, take a commemoration day, quite sweet.

From rich face a person of academic or artistic distinction and carry on to promote the much home public house such as food shop to understand, the business of hotel of the Mid-autumn Festival compares fiery really, the guest is compared at ordinary times at least is become more, the hotel is all balcony and hall are full, a few cafeteria still appeared the setting that the guest queues up to wait, many hotels also were rolled out in succession give the sales promotion measure such as moon cake.

In interviewing, carry on promotes the urban district the controller of many meal enterprises expresses, as standard of living rise ceaselessly, many citizens are right the Mid-autumn Festival such traditional festival, already not was to be in the home to do dinner to be able to be satisfied, work at ordinary times busier, get together the chance is little, everybody hopes to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of a kind of festival more, experience the family happiness that reunion brings.

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