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Edifice of justice black international tries external do business

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Justice black first according to build of level of 5 stars grade permit high-rise of international of justice black of —— of 5 stars guesthouse, tried external recently do business.

Edifice of justice black international is by Zhejiang company of liability of group of justice black international invests 160 million yuan, by handkerchief hotel of international aing jade-like stone runs limited company (Hong Kong) management, the hotel of omnibus luxurious business affairs that the meal of a modern market that makes meticulously by level of 5 stars grade, accommodation, conference, recreation is an organic whole. The hotel is located in road of king of justice black guest, border guest king market and culture things market, market of adjacent home appliance and money market. The hotel sets corridor of wine of dining-room of Chinese and Western, administration, old hall, square garden with luxurious balcony, have the assembly room with complete facility and honoured guest reception room. The hotel has 267 delicate and comfortable guest room, include dynast flatlet, double entry flatlet, luxurious flatlet, administration recreational room, room room disparate, luxurious and delicate, contemporary and fashionable.

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