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Old name of 3 big meal marries Ning Bo bring the dying back to life of new boss

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Drum-tower park road 8, a complete new clothes is repaired, quaint and elaborate public house, by the window but the drum-tower building shadow of the stream of people with roar look into the distance from a high place and of primitive simplicity.

“ spends a month again about, here will change the shop sign of Dong Fuyuan restaurant, at the appointed time new dish of 10 name of big Ning Bo will meet with peaceful wave person. ” yesterday, the general manager Zhang Kongxian of restaurant of Jin Guming government office gets enormously proud of one's success. Be in before long before, hotel of Jin Guming government office gets town letting another name for Ningbo formally the name access of ” of Dong Fuyuan of “ of well-known old name.

” of “ Dong Fuyuan from 2000 after close down, its name by lay aside and neglect, be being put is 8 years!

In fact, the old name of city of another name for Ningbo of bring the dying back to life is not Dong Fuyuan, familiar to the ear of old peaceful wave can the building of Number One Scholar of detailed, Mei Long is pressed down also at going up the month is coulded there be company of hotel management development receives a Shi Pu dish of —— Shi Pu is paid the name access that gains two old names, and further optional location development already was being prepared in full blast in, building of predicting Number One Scholar will the end of next year practice.

Why is the old name of these great reputations dusty old? This year why almost is collective “ renascent at the same time ” ? After bring the dying back to life old name whether ” of “ old but vigorous? The reporter made visit yesterday with all possible means message, try to see a group of a string of mystery.

In former days Dong Fuyuan restaurant

In former days building of Number One Scholar

In former days Mei Long is pressed down

  Dusty and old a miserable tear

To person of very much peaceful wave, the old name such as town ” of ” of ” of “ Dong Fuyuan, building of “ Number One Scholar, “ Mei Long ever was quite familiar name —— a much-told story does not have the fun with the fastfood, lively inn hall that is located in flourishing a sector of an area, of long standing and well established cate of characteristic of rich Ning Bo.

In peaceful wave cate, old name of these 3 meal is long negative great reputation, among them the history is the longest for building of Number One Scholar, only then build at Qing Qianlong year, have 200 old histories, help dish be good at in order to manage peaceful wave originally; Dong Fuyuan was 1933 by badge city person Wu Zizhao establishs, be good at cooking badge to help dish, what rich numerous dish fastens after is long, can welcome nearly 800 people at the same time have dinner; Mei Long presses down wine shop to was built 1940, in order to run course of Beijing Shanghai gust famed.
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