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Wen Zhou: The banquet reserves the hotel mid-autumn have heat cold

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Go the hotel eats reunion meal, this is the choice of many citizens. Get on for mid-autumn, is hotel feast booked how? 3 days, after the reporter connected more than 10 public houses of lukewarm city urban district, discovery this year the banquet books a bit cold heat mid-autumn not all.
Meal of big public house of trade of nation of lukewarm city urban district books a staff member to tell a reporter, before half month, hotel side is received in succession the banquet refers a telephone call mid-autumn, although be apart from the Mid-autumn Festival to still have more than 10 days, but of this hotel the banquet is booked mid-autumn at present fundamental already at full strength. The feast that day books overseas Chinese restaurant to already also exceeded 80% mid-autumn, the meal of this hotel books a staff member to say, of feast booking a circumstance also is quite good, majority is a banquet. In addition, 10 thousand give birth to the number home such as hotel, Olympic big public house with a person of extraordinary powers the banquet is booked mid-autumn already also exceeded half the number.
Although of most hotel the banquet is booked mid-autumn evil spirit it is hot, but also a few hotel returns door front courtyard up to now desolate. Big public house of international of lukewarm city urban district still did not receive a citizen to book up to now mid-autumn banquet, the banquet books Victoria hotel to also have only mid-autumn fragmentary a few desks. Nevertheless the hotel just expresses, time is still at present early, draw near when mid-autumn, the banquet is booked mid-autumn can grow considerably.

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