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Price of hotel of edge of west lake of National Day golden week rises madly

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Hotel of west lake edge goes up madly 200—300 yuan, hotel of periphery of fierce forest square rises 100—150 yuan, the others area goes up 100 yuan the following. This year National Day golden week, hangzhou each are big the hotel values market of go on a journey to anticipate in succession, hotel room price also is when the river rises the boat goes up too.

With making the same score sea route hotel of class of one height star is exemple, because distance west lake is closer, since September 29, the quote of most hotel is compared generally rise on the weekend at ordinary times 100 yuan; And on September 30 —10 month 2 days, rise extent is to achieve 200—350 more yuan differ, the most rising achieve 70% . And in boreal hill road, south hill road takes west lake side, on September 30 —10 month price of room of 3 days of this 2 days hotels is common also relatively rose at ordinary times 200—300 or so yuan. Fierce forest square takes go up be in 100—150 or so yuan.

But during National Day, price of Hangzhou hotel room also is not every are going up, in bank river, Xiao Shan is taken, house price is maintained in at ordinary times on the weekend on the price. Branch of Hangzhou of net of the journey that carry Cheng expresses about personnel, it is so good that the market may anticipate without the hotel, most hotel is available room. In the meantime, hangzhou periphery, except 1000 islands lake, elephant hotel of and other places of hill, boat hill is booked outside comparing insecurity, the others is popular the hotel all round the tourist attraction is available room. And take air temperature to drop gradually as Jiang Zhe, the hot spring during these local National Day swims to also begin hasten heat, occupied go on a journey of National Day short distance to book an amount 2 into, the hot spring of Shang Shan and other places of spring of suitable radon of peaceful Hainan brook, peaceful, Nanjing swims to present a fervent trend.

Contrary, the room of hotel of class of medium, fast star of the business affairs city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing price falls somewhat, with photograph comparing will drop September 5% to 10% the left and right sides. For example, beijing some 5 astral class hotels, enter the price to be controlled for 2000 yuan at ordinary times, drop to be controlled to 1200 yuan during National Day, drop extent exceeds 40% . This wants to head for Beijing to visit the tourist of Olympic Games place to those, offerred a good opportunity.

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