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Lukewarm city public house is contended for introduce international brand to lea

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On August 28, 2008, wen Zhou presses the public house that level of 5 stars grade builds twice, happen to coincide brand of the international that pull a hand: Hotel of high-quality goods of mansion of name of Yue of lukewarm city sea increases allied country time (the United States) group of high-quality goods hotel, seaside is big public houses of 50 hill of gold of strong hotel Nanjing sign agreement of carte blanche management. Zhang Chunjie of director of city tourism bureau expresses, industry of lukewarm city hotel contends for this one phenomenon that introduces international brand, will lead, aid push travel industry transition to upgrade.

Source of idle fund of lukewarm state force is extremely rich, it is a travel resource big city, travel area area occupies land gross area about 22% the left and right sides, front row is occupied in the whole nation. This year 1 to July, situation of development of whole town tourism is favorable, recieve global tourist gross to amount to 14.71 million person-time, grow 12.6% compared to the same period, travel gross earnings amounts to 13.3 billion yuan, grow 13.6% compared to the same period. Government of industry of city tourism bureau is in Wu Jie to tell a reporter, as new good luck of gold of “ of round of travel period the further improvement that the arrival of ” and Wen Zhou understand establishment to diplomacy, development of tourism of lukewarm state city is welcoming an auspicious opportunity, but as a few otherer as home urban photograph still is existing quite difference, travel industry front is facing transition to upgrade. And serve establishment as form a complete set, the deficient of hotel of lukewarm city high end restricted Wen Zhou city to travel to develop to high-end market on certain level.

Wait for the build of hotel of 5 stars class as big public house of sweet case lira, in recent years, the our city is being worn thrust is changed into hotel industry internationalization, brand, standardization construction, guide a brand to interlink hotel, business affairs model, go vacationing model, construction of the conference hotel. Through ” of force of labor of a few years of “ , industry of our city hotel greets the height that internationalization cooperates this year. This year in January of practice 10 thousand give birth to a hotel with a person of extraordinary powers, namely by 10 thousand invest 500 strong companies of limited company and world with the hotel Shengdate (a person of extraordinary powers of subsidiary —— United States of CENDANT) group gives birth to collaboration to manage, make 500 strong revolutionary gain of world of dialog of enterprise of Wenzhou civilian battalion. After seaside big public house and autograph of hotel of Nanjing gold hill are made an appointment with, predict at the practice at the beginning of next year, the blank of market of high end of tourism of area of fill dragon bay. Hotel of high-quality goods of mansion of sea Yue name increases allied country time (the United States) group of high-quality goods hotel, also will introduce its advanced management pattern.
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