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Wen Zhou lifts marriage banquet tide hotel marriage banquet books urban majority

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Beijing Olympic Games kicks off let an our city will appear on August 8 marry the upsurge that register, still bring effect of a chain from this, banquet of marriage of hotel of majority of urban district of second half of the year is booked this year hot. With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, second half of the year booked a quantity to increase this year 10% to 20% .

This year on August 8, xiaolin and small Zhang Gang got a marriage certificate, they prepare to fill marriage banquet as soon as possible on, bilateral elder also carried the ” of “ wedding day of a few second half of the year to allow young couple option. They were chosen originally on September 14, the traditional Chinese calendar in August 15, but the phone made the urban district a few bigger public houses, this day is booked already full. Young couple day instead on November 2, but phone circuit is hit, fine public house still is capacity audience. But under, they decide to choose a hotel first, decide a day again, be in the urban district eventually hotel of class of some 4 stars ordered the marriage banquet December 7.

The 10 thousand marriage banquets that give birth to a hotel with a person of extraordinary powers book the urban district to already came next year May, meantime ” of lucky day of a few “ is to book more hot. This hotel sells more than manager to say, september, marriage banquet is booked already reached 780 desks, gross 60. And to preparing to auspicious day in these “ ” held the meeting that day and come round to make an appointment the enterprise of assembly room, they also can helpless refuse, because be discharged really not the banquet sitting room of clean beyond.

Meal of hotel of urban jewellery boat books a staff member to say, compare last year, the marriage banquet of second half of the year books a circumstance this year a lot of, in ” of “ auspicious day almost capacity audience. And all the time since relatively suffer Wen Zhou “ to allow restaurant of overseas Chinese of gay of new personality ” to also express, marriage banquet books a quantity to grow somewhat than last year this year, go up about 10% .

The personage inside course of study also reminds the newlywed person that preparation marries in second half of the year, actually hotel marriage banquet is booked although the circumstance is very hot, but the ” of day of auspicious of a few “ that is centered in every month mostly, other time is opposite emptier, new people can choose more significant fete, escape height.

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