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One evening lives by the side of the west lake only Hangzhou of 25 yuan of econo

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My hotel ” lands the ——“ of 100 yuan of hotels below banner of passenger liner of afterwards Li Xing Hangzhou after a year, tomorrow, group of hotel of Chinese front courtyard is subordinate child brand “ a door inn of ” of hotel of Chinese front courtyard will be formal in start business of west lake rim. All be in 99 yuan as a result of the price of all rooms the following, cost of accommodation of average per capita is not worth 25 yuan, the hotel of Chinese front courtyard during still trying operation is more than in the rich guest log that the ground appears in guest of a few knapsack.

   West lake edge leaves give 100 yuan of hotels

Be located in gem hotel of 2 Chinese front courtyard has tried operation for some time, it is this brand the inn of the first door in the whole nation. As we have learned, this inn sets 143 rooms, the price of all rooms all is in 99 yuan the following, include couch couch rice, on any account a variety of rooms such as bed of shop, size, cost of accommodation of lowest of average per capita is less than 25 yuan.

What with Chinese front courtyard quick hotel differs is, cancelled in the room of hotel of Chinese front courtyard TV, phone and wash gargle 6 small, guest room area has left and right sides of 7-10 square metre only. Although establishment of guest room form a complete set is opposite simple, but communal space appears relatively luxurious however, include free coffee, phone district, read area and the free Internet bar that can provide 15 people to get online at the same time, still have even get equipment of youth gay play.

Current, hangzhou already was like the home quick, with the United States fast 8, 10 thousand good the star of 10 thousand the home, bright and beautiful rivers, my hotel 50 come brand of chain of an economy hotel is entered be stationed in Hangzhou, house price is in 170 yuan on average / - 260 yuan / between, 100 yuan the following only “ my hotel ” . Accordingly, the occurrence of hotel of Chinese front courtyard can quicken Hangzhou economy hotel probably to be opposite low end the contention of the market, 100 yuan of big fight unavoidable.

   New field of numerous brand have a trial of strength

“ my hotel and hotel of Chinese front courtyard, I had looked, cannot judging 100 yuan of hotels prematurely still is bad very, but Hangzhou travels as urban passenger source is very rich, market space is affirmative. Zhang Chunyu says the general manager of Xing Wulin store of the bright and beautiful river that ” pays close attention to hotel of Chinese front courtyard relatively all the time, if have an opportunity, he also can consider to invest condition of this one industry.

Undeniable, ” of 100 yuan of hotels will become “ the new field of have a trial of strength of economy hotel brand, besides hotel of Chinese front courtyard and my hotel, the new project of 100 yuan of hotels that the bit that still has the ” of “ conch hotel that Gelinhaotai rolls out, bright and beautiful river is arranging. Zhang Chunyu discloses, the star of bright and beautiful river brand of 100 yuan of hotels already make choice of has 100 yuan of public houses in 5 cities such as Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanchang pilot, meet inside year in succession practice.
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