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Mountain area grows large family " make an on-the-spot investigation " hotel of

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11 days morning, guesthouse of more than Yao came a batch of special guests, many 10 they are cervine booth countryside grow large family. Of mountain area grow large family comes to hotel of 5 stars class for what? Original, before before long, guesthouse of more than Yao is offerred to give a visitor already zoology the dish of superabundant Yao characteristic, a batch when chose cervine booth native place farming the raw material that by-product regards dish as. These dish are rolled out, got the guest's favour. After this information passes cervine booth rural area, caused place to grow the interest of large family, hear guesthouse of more than Yao is holding ” of food festival of “ country culture these days, they organized this to go into town ” of “ investigation group, inspect ” market level from the mensal “ of hotel of 5 stars class.

Grow large family people after watching the short film that introduces Yu Yaobin house, look around with respect to ground of too impatient to wait to dining-room. Grow large family people look around to purchased Luo Jianli of assistant of chief inspector of department manager Ni Zhongliang, meal to raise sundry question round guesthouse at the same time at the same time. Ni Zhongliang says to everybody: The guest likes “ very much now the food that green does not have social effects of pollution. Cervine booth countryside is located in 4 bright a mountainous area, produce farming by-product zoology advantage is very clear. Before before long, the produce such as chicken of the taro that our guesthouse uses cervine booth country, potato, earth made a batch of food, guest very welcome. Every dishes of dish go up desk, see an end very quickly ” . Luo Jianli catchs complement to say: We return “ to well balanced according to the deer farming by-product, rolled out corresponding menu, if a simple ‘ bakes taro ’ , we mention expressly ’ of potato of booth of the ‘ salt deer that bake. The guest sees this dish name, know this food is made with potato immediately, and come from Yu Yaolu to well balanced tomato patch, local characteristic is very thick, the guest of the dot is particularly much also. ” grows large family people listened to say “ repeatedly this idea is good. ”

Grow large family is listening hotel clerk couple is real vivid explain, listen to have taste more more, a many hour went very quickly. At this moment, everybody goes to accost of sagacious of letter of week of hotel vise general manager look around reveal a stage. Original, this more than Yao guesthouse grows for the welcome large family, decorated a deer technically to well balanced countryside farming by-product reveals a stage. Grow large family is being watched, commenting on. Ma Youlin of controller of cooperation of watermelon of cervine booth high mountain is laughing to say: “ thinks to old scene is not gotten on local speciality so, want to be less than big public house of 5 stars class to also like the local speciality that A pulls so, the confidence that A pulls watermelon of development high mountain is fuller. The deer of ” belt line wells balanced country officer Huang Gongzhen says: “ A pulls Lu Ting to have distinct geographical advantage, it is very good that development characteristic grows requirement of course of study, aquaculture, the key is how to rise industrial development and market demand union. Guesthouse of more than Yao provides so good platform to us, we must have used this platform, after going back, want to start more farmer to develop characteristic property according to market demand. ” Zhou Hongzhe says: House start business comes to “ Yu Yaobin 3 years, passenger source market extends ceaselessly, and the guest of 60% comes from an other place. Guesthouse also should strengthen the connection with each district of country of more than Yao, can find the more fresh, meal raw material that has local distinguishing feature more for guesthouse on one hand, also can make guesthouse becomes a guest to understand the window of more than Yao on the other hand. This is the favour of mutual benefit of a mutually beneficial. This word says ” so that everybody laughed, reveal the atmosphere in hall more enthusiastic.
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