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Wu Jinpei takes up the post of hotel of holiday of imperial crown of Beijing new

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Recently, mr Wu Jinpei is appointed to be hotel of holiday of imperial crown of Beijing new Yunnan to be stationed in store manager.

Assume office before Mr Wu Jinpei at hotel of holiday of Fosan imperial crown, this hotel is in at present change to the brand of imperial crown holiday by other brand in, mr Wu is in charge of market sale and the application of standards of all brand of imperial crown holiday in this hotel. Before this, the position of Mr Wu Jinpei involves intercontinental group to be saved completely in Sichuan reach holiday public house about intercontinental of channel of Chengdu century city, 9 stockaded village group all conference sale of the project, market and income management job. Before joining intercontinental group 2006, mr Wu Jinpei also is having good profession to develop in group of lira of Shanghai Pudong sweet case, over he accomplished the position of conference chief inspector, and got very tall approbate. The professional career of Mr Wu Jinpei begins Yu Xiangge lira, had had hotel major experience of 24 years so far.

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