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3 Yahaosheng goes vacationing the hotel is newest appoint

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Mr Guan Tieshan is held the position of 3 Yahaosheng goes vacationing hotel general manager holds Hainan part-time to save hydrotherapy association standing vice-chairman. He has hotel management of 25 years and operation experience, be good at especially luxurious go vacationing of the hotel prepare and day-to-day operation.

Close hotel of hot spring of seaside of holiday of the imperial crown austral gentleman Ceng Zaihai, Kampuchea emperor to block beach to go vacationing village, 3 inferior Yin Tai goes vacationing hotel, south travel of Chinese big public house and Shanxi Ping Shuo goes vacationing the hotel such as the village and go vacationing of the village prepare and vise general manager and general manager take on in operation. He is in walk on Ren Sanya a person of extraordinary powers to be born go vacationing chief inspector of resource of manpower of limited company of management of hotel of international of scene of dimension of the brigade in Hong Kong ever holding the post of before hotel general manager.

Mr Liyu is appointed to be 3 Yahaosheng goes vacationing the market of the hotel sells chief inspector, the hotel that he owns even more 12 years from already check, be in charge of business extending in the round now, market strategy, income management and public relations medium. Before this, mr Liyu is in big public house of Hainan Wen Hua, Hangzhou early or late Suofeite a haven of peace goes vacationing hotel, Bo Ao Suo Fei is especially big Nuo of hotel, Hefei is rich hotel of holiday of Gu Jing of mountain villa of especially neat cloud, Hefei.

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