Enlighten do obeisance to a company to control public house of 7 stars class in

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Build in enlighten the first “ of world of island of Bai Zong Lv hotel of ” of 7 stars class, famed with its costly Cheng Jing at the world. And in Qingdao, also be about to this contains reproduction scene. 19 days of reporters learn, enlighten each company that does obeisance to limited company of world group Li Mansi to combine its place to belong to gets Qingdao wheat with 4.368 billion yuan price contest (information, prices) insular development builds power, this company will build sex of a mark to exceed hotel of 5 stars class and travel, meeting to exhibit here wait for high-end project.

Wheaten island is located in macrocosm of Qingdao silver-colored sea east side, situation is very advantageous. “ caique hotel Rangdibai is famed the world, we hope to also build a such public houses in Qingdao. Gu Ruide of president of division of China of limited company of ” Li Mansi expresses. The personage inside course of study is analysed, this postpones the high-end travel to Qingdao city, business affairs, meeting wait for contemporary service line of business to remove huge to urge action.

“ this project will be in of wheaten island to fill the sea to make land, form isle of a circle and isle of a half arc. Li Yushan of general manager of project of Qingdao of limited company of ” Li Siman discloses, after project building, hopeful makes the newly bid of Qingdao here, at the same time also hopeful becomes China coastal the most luxurious place.

“ land sale has ended, we will enter building design phase. ” Li Yushan expresses, because project scale is larger, still a few follow-up formalities need to perfect, hand-in-hand travel builds a design, predict next year start working is built, build inside 5 years.

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