President of sea boat hotel discusses Chinese hotel industry to develop " 3 big

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Hotel of sea boat international manages Gao Tianming of company president ——
Hotel of sea boat international manages Gao Tianming of company president ——

Hotel of sea boat international manages limited company to regard Hai Hang as the subsidiary of travel trade group, output administrative pattern and administrative trademark in order to get the way of mandatory manage, the hotel management that implementation of help hotel owner specializations, manage with the service, raise the investment return rate of hotel owner ceaselessly. Nowadays, management of limited company of management of hotel of sea boat international is worn 43 hotels, footmark spreads all over world each district. During industry of hotel of China of duration reforming and opening grows 30 years, 100 people ” covers public house of “ influence China jointly group reporter visited hotel of sea boat international to manage company president Mr Gao Tianming, always be opposite high the course of 30 years of development of Chinese hotel industry undertook overall reviewing and look into.

Tall always tell a reporter, reforming and opening of China of make a comprehensive view comes 30 years the development course of hotel industry, cross masterstroke of 3 great progress without deviate from beginning to end: 1, internationalization, come in please through “ , walk along the means such as ” to blend in process of ” of “ economy globalization and ” of “ world unifinication stage by stage, improve international competition actual strength and the process relative to competitive advantage ceaselessly at the same time; 2, collectivize, pass “ the method such as ” of relevant diversity of ” of transverse unifinication ” , “ fore-and-aft unifinication, “ , ceaseless development expands and fashion the process of ” of synergism of ” of economy of limits of ” of “ dimensions economy, “ , “ stage by stage; 3, informatization, wait for contemporary IT and technology of other and relevant intelligence through computer, communication, network, improve service, operation and administrative efficiency ceaselessly, improve the process of economic benefits and core competition ability ceaselessly.

   One, the internationalization of Chinese hotel industry develops a theme

The internationalization process of Chinese hotel industry only then 1979. Beijing founds a state the joint-stock hotel that restaurant manages the first times by international hotel group as China sends newspaper of the State Council to approve at was being shown by national tourism total bureau on June 7, 1979, do business formally on April 28, 1982 external. From now on the drive that Chinese hotel industry sailed internationalization develops. The internationalization development process of Chinese hotel industry basically experienced the following 3 phase:
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