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House of “ of economy of ” of be on short commons of “ of hotel of fast star class hotel begs ” hard A foreign travelling merchant is in wide hand in the electron that can exhibit lead plane of PS of join of house try out musical instrument

Hotel of 5 stars class enters ” of “ old name to lead only 7 into, and Guangzhou is new brigade of youth of occurrence economy hotel, international is abandoned and hotel type apartment however one house of “ begs ” hard, this year wide reach meeting traveling trader more and more “ is astute ” , hold high in succession the old standard of ” of “ economy material benefit, abandoned the wasteful spending of “ gewgaw ” .

Mr Zhang does dress business, he can come to Guangzhou every year attend Fair, what as grandiose as “ of in former years wasteful ” differs is, his specially chooses economy to interlink hotel ” this year. Mr Zhang says, previously ” of “ keen on face-saving, always be afraid that guest chamber of commerce asks actively to talk about the business in the hotel, just go to astral class hotel so. Through these a few wide hand in meeting, discover travelling merchant arrives actively rarely enter the public house that exhibits business to be entered, often can ask to join the hotel that exhibits business to live to them to talk about the business. “ my individual is about a piece of comfortable bed sleeps to go, the swimming-pool of hotel of those 4 stars class, 5 stars class, dining-room, bar, basic not need, do not have necessary billow costly. ”

” of be on short commons of “ of hotel of fast star class, young brigade is abandoned, short rent apartment however one house of “ begs ” hard. The reporter was abandoned in brigade of youth of river bank international yesterday afternoon when interviewing, book personnel downstage to tell a reporter, 18 days of rooms before are already entire all seats taken, 19 days of living quarters that also have a few 6 worlds only can give a few berth for nothing. Does “ want to book single room? first phase is wide after reaching meeting end, be ordered again, now is to do not have. ”

“10 month 15 days, we rental rate exceeded the guest room of 30 inn 99 % , and 16 days, it is 100 % . ” of hotel of chain of 7 days of economy concerns ”“ chief yesterday such say.

Wide hand in meeting travelling merchant to search “ inside city the short ” that rent a house, also pull tall “ is short the price of the ” that rent a house, according to the data that company of a few intermediary provides, bank one belt stands by Jiang Lu Pa continent can exhibit a center or the subway the ” of when the river rises the boat goes up too of “ of the short price that rent a house of 2 lines, the hire that at present 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms head furniture unit wants 200 ~ commonly 300 yuan / day, a few decorate better, home appliance all ready achieve 500 yuan with what traffic facilitates / day, lunar hire general is ubiquitous 3000 yuan of above, than rising at ordinary times 60 % above.
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