The rate that book a room glides hotel price is changeless

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15 days are about to kick off this month autumn hand in already can greet ginseng exhibit business to order room fastigium. The reporter visits Dongguan hotel industry to understand, suffer effect of economic situation of current whole world, current autumn hand in meeting hotel to order a room to glide than the corresponding period of in former years nearly 5% , but local hotel industry did not undertake depreciating sales promotion.

Bead the meeting that trigonometry develops exhibits course of study and business affairs activity, ecbolic the Dongguan hotel industry that develop, astral class hotel amounts to 100. The reporter visited discovery of Dongguan part hotel recently, autumn of in former years hands in the hot setting that can enter Dongguan public house no longer. Loose Shan Hukai severe young lady of ministry of Yue hotel public relations according to the hotel analysis of data of a statistic says, compare with photograph of in former years, the rate that book a room glides 5 percent. “ looks from whole industry, the rate that book a room is in glide condition. ” Dongguan alls alone market of hotel of bay of scene of phenanthrene spy drive sells chief inspector to apply Mo Ni to also have the same feeling, she tells a reporter, current autumn hand in can order room circumstance to be inferior to prosperous ” of “ of in former years, the public house that its are in is current autumn hand in can order a room to appear the fall of about 5% .

Autumn of in former years hands in flourishing of business of estate of meeting Dongguan hotel, this year is picture of cold and cheerless another however. Be what makes like that? Shi Moni expresses, begin from this year, economic situation is already apparent to hotel industry influence, domestic guest glides the biggest, and medicinal powder guest and foreign guest enter a circumstance to change not quite.

Zhang Ganjun of secretary-general of association of Dongguan travel restaurant expresses, the change of external economy environment, of business affairs activity decrease, the dinner party decreases subsequently, the passenger source of Dongguan hotel industry will get bigger impact.

The personage inside course of study thinks, wide hand in meeting cent to be 3 period hold, passenger source is centered no longer, of passenger source decrease, enter a hotel to decrease subsequently it is normal to belong to. Hotel of Guangzhou this locality did not live full, the Dongguan besides Cheng of 1.5 hours of cars, the price and service dominant position are being weakened.

The personage inside course of study points out, burgeoning business affairs hotel separated guest of hotel of class of partial Dongguan star, this is the another element that industry of influence Dongguan hotel opens room rate to glide.

Rate opening a room is in drop, how should Dongguan hotel industry is opposite? Reporter from loose Shan Hukai Yue hotel understands, autumn hand in this hotel price is mixed during the meeting the same term is same last year, did not depreciate take a settle or live in a strange place. Severe young lady of ministry of this hotel public relations thinks, if drop the price, will whole to Dongguan industry brings negative effect.
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