Marry banquet of marriage of wet arrival hotel books a platoon to arrive next ye

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Fall October, marriage celebrate the market to be troubled by prosperously by a pair of lovers. The reporter visits understanding to arrive, marry to come wetly as the ” after “80, traditional in September, in October marriage celebrate a height while the month is hot and unusual, other month also is off-season not weak, of partial hotel double rest platoon period had ordered day of marriage banquet beforehand next year in October.

   Order of marriage banquet hotel already discharged next year

“ market is too hot, exceed my imagination. The friend calls previously look for me, it is to ask can order a privilege bit hotel, without giving thought to,now is the price, should order only go up to go. But the marriage banquet of great majority hotel was discharged after October. ” some marriage celebrates Mr Li of the company to tell a reporter.

The reporter understands from restaurant of peach blossom mountain, be engaged to this hotel this year the person of the banquet had not been broken, the marriage banquet that books in this inn at present already discharged next year October. And the message that comes from the famous public house such as wine shop of salon banquet, red star shows, almost every double cease day has new personality to hold marriage dinner.

   Month in and month out is “ height ” is not had off-season

Reporter from the city zone company of a few bridal celebration understands, holiday of National Day golden week, marriage celebrate the market hot, order amplitude is in 30% to 50% between, after the golden week although order has a bit,drop, but still hot. Spruce bride marriage celebrates the introduction of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad manager of the company, 11 ” of “ the marriage that the golden week is a tradition fastigium, those who add the Olympic Games hold, than last year the corresponding period increased the number of nearly 1/3 during 11 ” of “ this year, hold the wedding that do on average to 2 reach 3 everyday.

“ has wanted to be over originally 11 can a little relaxed, did not think of to there also is free time after the section. ” introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad director says, 51 ” golden week cancels “ this year, a lot of people want to lend “ 11 ” long holiday loosens a few days to the top of one's bent, the plan that because this plan is between long holiday,runs wedding also was made accordingly defer.

   Marriage celebrate relevant industry to will last fire after all

Marriage a lot of experts that celebrate an industry are at the beginning of this year ever forecasted, bridal height will appear after the Olympic Games, continue to October all the time. But present circumstance is, hotel marriage banquet discharged next year early after October, gather the client with the existing building of shadow of gauze of a lot of marriage of one belt should discharge the end of the year, some shadows building serves quality to assure, dare have not received new sheet again.
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