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The development as Tianjin seaside new developed area is open, the day of ab extra population that will to Tianjin work is gradual much, they can choose high-end apartment to be entered more, come so, product of hotel type apartment became the ” of “ sweet pastry that everybody favors. For enough to capital actual strength investor, investing hotel type apartment at the moment perhaps is a right choice.

Add up to rich brilliant estate to develop research center introduction according to Tianjin, the market of hotel type house of Tianjin just experienced the 9 development course that arrive 10 years nevertheless. Earlier, the hotel type apartment of Tianjin basically is built inside office building of high-end business affairs, also a few high end hotels rolled out product of hotel type apartment. The integral operation means that these inchoate products do not make work with be being hired only more regards business affairs as Lou Yu or the function of form a complete set of the hotel is used, typical project includes international edifice, triumphant arch edifice, Jin Huang edifice of Olympic of edifice apartment, Tianjin, tonight hotel apartment. The hotel type apartment of this one period has the color of the hotel more, can be a kind of hotel that covert to manage a form even.

As in last few years of integral estate market warm up, development of market of house of Tianjin hotel type is very swift and violent. Add up to rich brilliant estate to develop a research center according to Tianjin not complete count, tianjin urban district already had more than 20 project to undertake designing packing appearing on the market with the concept of product of hotel type apartment at present, add up to 70 much square metre, distributinging pattern from concentration trade division diffuses to area class shopping centre and general residential area, the project includes a river the youth of the area is collected on the west, the safe that the area opens south amounts to international guild hall, times abstruse town boarding house, river east the special residence of the area, shine elite of space of actor of day wire, the 6th highway, Qian Tang is collected etc. The hotel type apartment of this period is to tear apart a sale to give a client commonly, buy a settle or live in a strange place group having quite large proportion is to be used at living oneself, perhaps be used as the 2nd house, the area because of its product, form a complete set and design are having the intense color that occupy the home.

   Market of house of Tianjin hotel type is entered rise period

According to the first peace and tranquility the research report August 2008 shows Davis, the high end in Tianjin market serves the empty buy rate of type apartment to all drop somewhat, and hire level is small rise; In the residence sale market whole clinchs a deal below the environment that the quantity glides apparently, its price still maintains rise posture. This among them, the demand of foreign capital enterprise and employee of its high level held the proportion that comparative. Up to 2008 end of the 2nd quarter, hire of apartment of type of service of Tianjin high end rises to 221.6 yuan / month / square metre, annulus is compared 2008 small first quarter lift 0.5% .
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