3 inferior hotel high level meets research market prepares for war " cold winter

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 Furl brains storm brews winter break out of an encirclement

A financial storm that sweeps across the whole world is permeating each economic domains, the good luck that is full of a challenge also industry of Xiang Sanya hotel comes over. Traditional winter travel busy season is coming, below enormous market pressure, 3 inferior association of travel hotel trade calls together high level of each hotel sale to meet the peak is met, study new market jointly, prepare for war ” of “ cold winter.

  Market atrophy makes industry alert

20 days night, yin Tai goes vacationing hotel, discuss ardently of nearly 3 hours made a reporter sufficient be experienced 3 inferior the hardship consciousness of hotel industry. The market outside the condition glides 5 years first, financial storm can affect hotel industry, 3 inferior the heat that how hotel industry develops new market to wait to become this height forum to go up to receiving discusses a topic.

3 inferior statistic shows related bureau of travel estate development, before this year 3 quarters, 3 inferior sale of the market outside the condition of hotel industry glided compared to the same period nearly 8% , 55% what sale of the market outside the condition of each hotel finished annual to plan only. Home market is added fast relatively fatigued and weak also, each hotel is faced with in recent years rare market pressure.

High level of each hotel sale expresses in succession, arrive from the beginning of the year now, hearsay of earthquake of plain of southern snow calamity, short of Wenshui River, seismic sea wave right 3 inferior travel market caused consecutive impact; The stock market steeps fall, global finance storm make the economic actual strength that pressed go on a journey of domestic and international tourist to go vacationing and state of mind greatly, also build not little impact to hotel classics. In the time that goes two many months, each hotel whether the annual plan that finish has been a big question.

“ must hit out in the round develop new market. Controller of ” each hotel expresses, although Russia closes to sell brought many order to each hotel, but a lot of with 3 inferior have similar resource go vacationing the ground is in contention Russia the market, competitive pressure is enormous.

   Brains storm gives new market a little

Face the winter that is full of a challenge, how butt joint new market, seeking new passenger source is sale chief inspector people the focus of the care. Each hotel high level thinks, below current condition, want to defend respective traditional passenger source above all, old client will become each hotel to spend the foundation of difficulty. But if want to seek management point of growth, must be opposite receive new passenger source market.

The Hainan province travel that attends a peak to meet on invitation develops Wang Jian of seminar vice-chairman, secretary-general to was born to raise storm of a brains with hotel managers, went out a little with 3 inferior travel special “ is saleable the new market of ” of satisfy the need. Wang Jian is unripe say, as the ceaseless development of domestic economy, club of of all kinds city emerges in endlessly, become elite people the important organizer that lie fallow and communicates. It is with Beijing exemple, at present of all kinds club has achieved on 1000, every club number can amount to 10 thousand people at most, the member pervades each industry, each domain. Drive oneself club, sports is recreational club, director club is already the passenger source of high quality group of ” of “ group good group. The activity of the club is brisker and brisker, want almost every year to organize member go on a tour, and 3 inferior the heat destination that is club travel.
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