Intercontinental hotel group will open Chinese head home " individual character

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The intercontinental hotel group that occupies place of first place of a list of names posted up in market of hotel of Chinese high end showed a few days ago, will in 18 months immanent China leaves give a home to be in the ” of hotel of “ individual character that design and style respect all satisfy special consumption crowd, and settle of Shanghai of hopeful rate preexistence.

This kind of hotel will be enabled brand-new brand “Hotel Indigo” , become hotel of intercontinental of “ of this group afterwards to reach go vacationing hotel of holiday of imperial crown of village ” , “ and go vacationing after the 4 old brands such as village ” , in the 5th brand that Asia-Pacific area rolls out.

The commercial pattern of ” of hotel of individual character of this kind of “ that be called or ” of “ design hotel, it is to be passenger of contented high end to serve the diversification besides to experience demand in traditional hotel. Intercontinental hotel group shows, the large-scale consumer findings that undertakes in and other places of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo shows, asia-Pacific area tourist takes the style of the hotel and design seriously very much, do not satisfy at the service of traditional hotel, advocate individual character element.

Area of Asia-Pacific of intercontinental hotel group is presiding apparitor tall Wei this say: The passenger of “ new generation pays attention to the style of the hotel and grade more, because this is opposite,unique brand expects bigger ” . At present the whole world already had start business of 19 Indigo hotel, additionally many 60 hotel still is in in construction.

Andy of CEO of intercontinental hotel group tells a reporter, the group does not think global finance is at present queasy can produce big impact to Chinese hotel market, china in the 5-10 of GDP and capital construction respect the abidance inside year grows, the prosperity that continues to drive hotel market.

It is reported, the project great majority that is in China as a result of intercontinental hotel is with the home that wishs to offer property land agent cooperates, a lot of land agent throw the Indigo hotel project that is less than hotel of 5 stars class apparently to be interested to this kind, spread out with intercontinental hotel negotiate. Below the situation that sheds insecurity in current cash, this kind is used old property is transformed, inferior to requirement of new devoted fund high-end hotel project, can reduce the investment risk of land agent greatly.

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