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“403 returns a house. ”10 month 9 days 11 when make, mr Xing that comes from Zhejiang ended the travel of this his Shanxi smoothly, 12 when 36 minutes, he will set foot on the train that leaves for Hangzhou to return home town. Because the baggage of the belt is more, mr Xing undertakes returning a house early. Whether did you consume “ inside the room collect fees article? ”“ is done not have. ”“ is good, settle accounts ends. Welcome you next time presence. After the dialog with simple ” , the settle accounts of Mr Xing is finished smoothly. I return “ is the head enjoys such treatment, not make the rounds of the wards, do so simply to retreat room formalities, be too marvellous really. ” does not investigate room case, deal with settle accounts for the passenger directly, rise this month, taiyuan restaurant association begins try out settle accounts to escape system of make the rounds of the wards in hotel of provincial capital part, be welcomed by many passengers.

In fact, passenger classics regular meeting encounters such situation: You are driving regular bus, but the clerk that must wait for a hotel however checks a room carefully, a towel is flyblown, lid of a teacup falls not carefully broke, want to pay taller than market price compensation by hotel regulation. It is cause delay in work or business on one hand, on the other hand, always have a kind of feeling that is not trusted, in the heart very uncomfortable. A “ that this already made hotel trade goes regular ” .

What execute “ hotel to escape system of ” of make the rounds of the wards as first is pilot, reporter from which town hotel understands, in the past, the loss of a month is in this guesthouse 500 yuan or so, “ present loss case is similar also, just go the loss is compensated for by the tourist, now is him hotel will assume. But with win more turning round guest photograph is compared, this practice very value! Shi Yulong of manager of ” this hotel tells a reporter, answer the call of restaurant association when guesthouse, the decision serves as when a home is pilot, a lot of people put forward crosscurrent, think the guest damaged how the thing does. This kind of thinking still keeps “ before 229 years, who doesn't have accident meaning to damage thing? Even if is not to take care bad a cup, dirty a towel, have again how old relation? You respect a guest, the guest also can respect you. ” occupies the introduction, this guesthouse deploys more than 100 yuan of consumable about between every mark, basically wait for food, beverage. “ has clerk make the rounds of the wards to discover article is consumed before, but the guest weighs him again and did not consume, do both sides is very awkwardly. After avoiding try out of system of make the rounds of the wards, a few guests already forgot to ever had consumed room article originally when settle accounts, because discover guesthouse does not have routine make the rounds of the wards, can remember suddenly instead and bury sheet actively. ”
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