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Since after beauty spot of a surname hill will make hot spring this year in March, the brigade of hot spring gets citizen attention with respect to equipment. The reporter understands 15 days from park of lunar lake sculpture, with respect to the position of hot spring well now, one faces palace of bath of popular hot spring and a hot spring of 5 stars class to go vacationing the hotel will be in next year the beginning of the year at the same time start working.

  Warm spring water pledges the report is announced after two months

This year on April 8, a the closest from Shanghai area hot spring is in spew of hill of loose river a surname and piece. Deepness of well of this hot spring is 2202.88 meters, temperature of the bottom of a well achieves 61 ℃ , have 9 cranny aquifer, total layer is 149 meters wide, among them one class cranny 3 place, the ground gives water temperature to amount to 46.7 ℃ .

Be in early in December 2006, beauty spot of a surname hill invites an expert to undertake hydrogeology and earthly physics reconnaissance to lunar lake periphery, final make choice of well of hot spring well. On May 22, 2007, hot spring well is formal spud in. On March 28, 2008, artesian well job is finished.

The reporter understands 15 days from park of lunar lake sculpture, hot spring water quality is detecting at present in the process, two lunar hind can take detailed assessment to report.

   Hotel of hot spring of palace of the bath after world rich is met is finishing

After “ evaluates a report to come on stage, one will be built to face popular bath in point of hot spring well palace and in the light of high-end client group hot spring of 5 stars class goes vacationing hotel. ” just discloses according to garden. This also is meant, the citizen is sufficient do not give “ Shanghai ” to be able to be washed on hot spring.

Bath palace will at start working of next year the beginning of the year, after predicting world rich is met finishing; Hotel of 5 stars class start working of the corresponding period, predict to was later than bath palace a bit 2011 finishing. The hotel north after building relies on She Shan, sit have 1300 mus of nature fresh and green, bosom rinses 465 mus lunar lake, it is the hot spring hotel with distance Shanghai the closest center. In designing plan to be being revised finally at present. “ as to use why to plant structural exterior, at present inconvenience discloses, but the theme that can agree with sculpture park for certain, use the exterior configuration that art changes. ” garden just introduces, if hot spring gives water the capacity is sufficient, every room can open the hotel hot spring.

Hot spring goes vacationing the building of the hotel, will mean afterwards Shanghai world Suo Fei of hotel of Shan Aimei of luxuriant a surname, Yellow River is special a batch of hotels such as hotel, golden light big public house go vacationing after the village, travel of country of a surname hill goes vacationing inside the area much a strong competitor, those who form different class go vacationing the hotel gathers group.
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