Mode of Dalian hotel alliance leads an industry to upgrade

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The reporter understands, 11 ” of “ during the golden week, city travel greets Dalian to recieve a height, only hotel industry is filled with earthen bowl with respect to earn basin full, rate opening a room is in generally 90 % above. Above of class of SamSung of Dalian town much home is high-grade business affairs hotel, it is the happy E that have the aid of rises abruptly recently more travel CRS sells terrace continuously, managing commission of a good deal of representative, become a hotel to order the window with new market.

The reporter in interviewing understands, the above of class of more than 10 SamSung such as hotel of the elegant center big public house near astral sea square, Jin Yunda hotel near 27 square, Bohai Sea bright phearl is high-grade business affairs hotel, comfortable order with the consumer of disparate arrangement of ideas. All these hotels, common characteristic is in namely book a room while, return high still specified number to spend cash integral, but cash of 1 amount to uses 1 ∶ , touch buckle hotel, airline ticket, mobile phone to charge the fee such as value card, exchangeable also consume card into cash, in the whole nation each are big in the spatial equivalence consumption such as bazaar of large general merchandise and supermarket.

It is the hotel consumption that order together, why is the difference so vast? Analytic personage points out: Amount of domestic monomer hotel numerous, situation dispersive, management resource is fragile, the bargain ability that faces the traditional and online agent that order is very fragile, the acting middleman's fee that need pays is very exorbitant. Right now, new sale mode be vividly portrayed. Alliance of hotel of business affairs of travel of happy this year E took the lead in putting forward to build unified CRS platform through allied mode in home, quick implementation joins in the brand of the hotel, sale, service, management unifinication, in order to promote industry resource conformity, drive an industry to upgrade. In alliance of hotel of business affairs of happy E travel sell platform to go up continuously, each platform that allied hotel wants to pay 5 % only uses fee, return another 10 % as integral at the same time return consumer. Such, the photograph is more original the cost of exorbitant middleman's fee of 20 % above, each hotel still raised 5 % than former accrual. Freed oneself from this of traditional representative commission manacle, bring more material benefit for consumer.

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