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Wide hand in the hotel is booked during the meeting drop in temperature to increase with amount of the hotel inside city continuously, circumjacent city is received with the bus send formal billabong passenger source, Fair 3 period will book time to spin dispersedly wait for an element to all be concerned, anyhow, the price is sided with more reasonable developing with acceptability direction is the expression that the market moves toward maturity stage by stage. ”

 The personage inside ——— course of study is analysed

In former years is in autumn fall before can kicking off half month, hotel of Guangzhou each size not only the price breaks up to soare severalfold, and return one room of “ to beg ” hard. So “ eats decide Fair, annual does not starve ” , it is the true portraiture that industry of ovine town public house comes a few years. But, the situation is different this year.

8 days of reporters from big public house and each travel agent understand inside city: Because show depression of alive bound economy, stock market of together with whole world issues defeat continuously, this year autumn the case booking a room that makes meeting travelling merchant nots allow hopeful. Up to distance autumn is handed in yesterday meeting only remnant between 8 climate, but whole town public house books rate inadequacy 50% .

Predict inside course of study, autumn hand in during the meeting, whole public house orders room number to be compared at least the corresponding period decreased last year 1/3 the left and right sides.

   The hotel depreciates on average 500-1000 yuan

As we have learned, this year autumn hand in the hotel fails during the meeting “ is satiate one of reasons of ” , it is to enter a country travelling merchant number is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 10%—20% . And as a result of current autumn hand in meeting exhibition period to divide for 3 period, the time that books a room so is more dispersive also. Current the circumstance, it is the travelling merchant that reserves hotel of first phase as before more, occupied already booked total number 60% the left and right sides. Among them, reserve hotel of fast star class, if 5 stars hotel is mixed,the travelling merchant of SamSung economy hotel occupied much.

What be worth to be carried nevertheless is, because book a circumstance very not ideal, so hotel price all of one suit compared to the same period ” of “ big diving. Connect introduction of viatic hotel center according to easy net, big public house and each in former years are same inside city will release Fair in September early during book the price, but do not see dawn tardy as the market, each hotel releases the price afresh for many times in succession. Compare with photograph of the corresponding period of in former years, the price of each hotel depreciates on average this year 500-1000 yuan.
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