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Do museum …… the public house

In Dongguan, the hotel takes culture olfactory scarcer, jin Daotai year the hotel is firstly. Gentleman of leaf of palm door person says: “ is an upright person wait for a person to help person and person, person amid content is outer. ” blends in grumous culture consciousness in its management concept.

  Flowers and plants blends in feeling

Its are the person of hep leaf gentleman Laoxie, he is a person that love employs, but played to have grade literate this goes up, the state differred, unripe meet flourishing age plays collect, artwork is him all the time had come. Foliaceous gentleman has read MBA, have the honor to win title of entrepreneur of outstanding innovation of the 8th China, his concept is: “ hotel can run museum, curiosa very familiar with sth. ” Pu'er tea, painting and calligraphy, pottery and porcelain all receives its bursa, accidental one day, he wants to play this favorite a little bit big, the Jin Daotai that had this to be located in a tall building of pool of Dongguan golf famous city then year hotel.

Walk into hotel gate, see all sorts of booth stage pavilion are strewn at random only have send, the gardens afforest of characteristic of semi-tropical amorous feelings, your person ases if on place oneself Yu Ya's intertropical island, of course, still old Xie Yin thinks be proud all sorts of collecting article. No matter be willow leaf,sway, or the flower blossoms, spend the craftsmanship of the person that one grass blended in creation and feeling.

   Bath crock is like small swim pool greatly

Hotel lobby has curiosity of antique of of all kinds, instigate casually, all be the name is tasted. The guest joyfullies and come, or staring at some picture to make do not put, or overlook relying on a window, laoxie says: “ comes a few this years, attracted lover of a lot of photography to come round. ”

Enter guest room along stone alley, room area is very large, sufficient have 50 much square metre, establishment is very all ready, independent vapour house, no matter be dry evaporate or wet evaporate, should press only use a push button, indoor vapour immediately ejective.

Next door two vapour room, an area makes an appointment with two square metre, the piscina that controls a meter high. Night, put full a crock of warm water, be like play in small swim pool, scatter on thick bubble, right now the heart feels relieved immediately, after the affliction of all busy jobs all all throws all heads.

   Path of your acupuncture point is chosen when tasting tea
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