Yu Yi big public house digs " of food of local " culture to let dish be full of

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Eat healthily, eat fashionably, eat even literately. What ” of “ bamboo Lin Qixian drives also is this time of popular wind.

The literary quotation of Lin Qixian ” is in bamboo of “ of period of the Three Kingdoms on anxiety is widely known, but is moving mensal meeting what appearance? Economic developing zone suppositions Shun on the answer that big public house gives out is: Choose 7 kinds of nutrition such as wing of goose of chicken of sauce duck, Bai Qie, bittern to match relatively the dish that the raw material of ” of “ in harmony spells to make and be become, deserve to go up appearance the household utensils of each different, implied meaning guest is fond of knot friend, show utter devotion.

” of “ bamboo Lin Qixian is this hotel only mining rolls out go up in set of food of anxiety place culture among them a dish. Now, the ” of food of series “ culture such as ” of sweet dew of tea of emperor of tea of ” of crab of zephyr of “ anxiety Shun, “ published table not only, and became a client to chase after the ” of “ popular dish that hold in both hands, also let a hotel always go up always in Lin Lin the develop a school of one's own in anxiety meal enterprise.

Concept: Food should have “ soul ”

“ hotel can encounter bottleneck in developing a process. Like us the hotel just passed decorate, develop the 2nd times whether the drop of the greatest attention that brought expectant growth to become investor, the intrinsic value that how digs hotel brand became crucial place. ” currently holds the post ofintroduction of general manager yellow acute according to the hotel, he what made plan of 10 old meal will go up after anxiety, through suppositioning to going up of meal course of study visit make an on-the-spot investigation, government office of fair wine of the brilliant in inspecting such as brilliant especially, seven go up the discovery after the public house with anxiety famous business, some by administrative base oneself upon, some borrows power development. And, although ” of more and more dish of farmhouse “ earth entered the hall of elegance, but the mining that having local culture cooked food wholeheartedly without a hotel. “ dish should have the spirit, and the connotation that needs to have local culture distinguishing feature more, this should become the vane that the hotel develops. ”

Practice: From “ humanitarian 6000 on anxiety ” begins

But, should go truly next hearts will undertake mining, it is the skilled work of force of a time-consuming bad news. Browsing " on anxiety county annals " , the traditional dish book that closes anxiety history, carry on to prevail the history and place is reached after undertaking relevant survey works, the hotel just made a bold decision: “ 800 lis of poems draw landscape, humanitarian 6000 on anxiety ” condenses in cate culture, cannot accomplish in one move of course, need to chase series, chase level land to roll out, till mature.
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