Value Asia-Pacific hotel industry market of JUMEIRAH develop China

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Value Asia-Pacific JUMEIRAH group extends luxurious hotel industry continuously Chinese market

Jumeirah Guangzhou big public house becomes a group to sign the 2nd when make an appointment with luxurious public house in China

Enlighten do obeisance to accuse a member below the banner and Jumeirah of luxurious hotel group to value Chinese market, after public house of afterwards Shanghai Han Tangxin world, at going up lunar end and label of group of land of high heart buy are made an appointment with, management is located in the luxurious hotel of new city of Guangzhou Pearl River. This owns the hotel of 5 stars class of 200 rooms, be located at developing to already became Guangzhou quickly in recent years the new city of Pearl River of area of the Milky way of the most top class mart, the plan is in 2011 practice.

Be located in a building 50 tall the coping of square of ground of Gao De buy, jumeirah Guangzhou big public house not only sit embrace beautiful scenery of Guangzhou whole town, brand of hydrotherapy of the international below custom-built and big ” in the “ sky of the hotel, luxurious guest room, unique meal concept and banner---TaliseWellness will bring a surprise to industry. Other facilities still includes Jumeirah Guangzhou big public house shopping inn of center of dining-room, bar, swimming-pool, fitness and high-quality goods.

“ we are honoured to all enjoy our ‘ extraordinary ’ very much (STAYDIFFERENTTM) brand acceptance takes Shanghai and Guangzhou, foreground of industry of luxurious to China hotel is confident, senior vice president Mr TonyCousens represents district of ”Jumeirah group Asia-Pacific, the establishment that “Jumeirah is in China and service, be like the other public house that we board in the world, include long the hotel of new York EssexHouse of negative great reputation and well-known whole world are the ritziest enlighten do obeisance to BurjAlArab caique hotel, the high quality pursuit that takes Jumeirah as always, to us exalted guest brings unique extraordinary experience. The characteristic building of mark sex and the originality design that show originality just begin merely. ”

Jumeirah group reachs first of Asia-Pacific area luxurious public house in China---Public house of world of Jumeirah Han Tangxin reposes at Shanghai the most popular fashionable mark: New scope of operation. The sea route of the Huaihe River of commercial shopping centers that leaves Shanghai only the new scope of operation of the Yao of one pace, own the building of stone library door that has Shanghai distinguishing feature alone not only, it is card confused shows high-end luxury more, high-quality goods eat bristly. The practice of heaven and earth of Jumeirah Han Tangxin, be sure to be this tide bethel more add glorious and vigor.

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