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According to world toilet the organization points out, people generation spends 3 years of time on average to be in lavatory board on, because this can be used the toilet at the same time,admire kill two birds with one stone of beautiful scenery it may be said at the same time. British “ lavatory Barkley publishs culture ” author recently " toilet landscape encyclopedia " , enumerate whole world many those who have superexcellent view lavatory, include the Felix Bar of hotel of Hong Kong peninsula, the next time the opportunity arrives when visitting, remember advertent.

Toilet of partial beautiful scene

Noise made in coughing or vomiting of north of American Washington city this upland of park of state of spy of noise made in coughing or vomiting

Can weighs the world the first lavatory, place summit, commanding, the lofty the foot of a mountain that is enclothed by ice and snow can be admired when using the toilet, experience the glamour of nature, life one happy also.

Japan: A coffee hall that is called “MuminPapa” made toilet of an aquatic animals inside aquaria, when using the toilet all round it is to swim to swim to have benthos.

   Of airport of appropriate of Singapore camphor tree view and admire a stage

This be located in new passenger station view and admire a stage, establishment is quite all ready, include a toilet. Stand over, can pass water at the same time, at the same time close quarters views and admire a plane to rise fall, your plane confuses enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

   The Felix Bar of hotel of Hong Kong peninsula

Public house of Hong Kong peninsula is famous at the world, so its toilet also has appeal extremely. Modern lavabo, increase top-ranking Victoria harbour prospect, use the toilet this kind of tedious job to turn one great beauty into the thing.

   French Cliff-Top is villatic

Open a window, fresh air waves slowly to, the covert of river of much Nie of much Er of look into the distance and bank, peaceful tranquil, relaxed and happy making a person.

   Hill of interest of gold of American Alaska wheat

Hill of wheat gold interest is the hill with highest North America, lavatory case is built on top of peak of more than 20000 呎 , be built by ice-cream brick and become, although illicit concealed is spent not tall, but signs of human habitation is fortunately exiguous. Solve below frigid weather, likelihood not the right flavor, but can return to primitive, also pretty good.
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