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Macao Venetian goes vacationing the Venice that village hotel narrows namely, hotel, dining-room, shopping street, canal, connect Gongduola to have.

In the city of boutique of the four seasons by Venetian, international brand have everything that one expects to find.

During here is entered, my door is stray, taking a map to search to be not worn north, can walk along where to calculate only.

Venetian the Grant Canal shops area, it is one includes to feed street and all sorts of famous brand inn inside shop good place.

I go vacationing to Macao Venetian the impression of village hotel is —— big, the hotel gives every guest to provide the map of the hotel to need greatly.

The “ that this total floor area achieves 951 thousand square metre is gigantic without bully ” , area relatively what the United States pulls Siweijiasi is homonymic go vacationing the village is one times older, be equivalent to park of Victoria of 5.6 Hong Kong. As a result of so-called have luxurious guest room 3000, plus facilities of other form a complete set, after going in normally not dizzy it is very abnormal.

   Gad is given priority to, the map is complementary

I want some to cross whole public house to look around to front door from Xi Yi is big direct to the Grant Canal outside, take bit of picture incidentally, so simple wish actually while still alive spent my hour to also fail to reach. I fail to go out at all, take the door with respect to confused and disoriented, wanting to go very simply linear, look at demonstrative card to be able to reach destination, in fact the task ” that this became a “ to be finished impossibly, after a hour of half an hour I abandoned this idea thoroughly, begin darlingly to shop to come on shopping square of the Grant Canal, behead of ground of bold and resolute obtained perfume of one pile cosmetic, made up for the scar that little heart suffers. This experience made a shadow, I often go to Venetian later, gave up completely the plan that wants actively where to go to, act on to calculate the tenet of where, want to be not lost only, other dare have not asked.

When doing downstage, besides register, over- beyond credit card, everybody sends Venetian of —— of a piece of detailed relief map to go vacationing even the relief map of village hotel. Although I feel to this piece of relief map follows,also did not do not have what too big distinction, it is the place that you consider to go anyway need to cost ability for a long time to search commonly get, but if you are not held in the arms,stroll idle front courtyard, you think instead the place that go it itself runs to you at the moment. Ordinarily I belong to direction-sense to compare doughty person, did not think of to be in the acreage is so huge go vacationing before the village, actually a bit method also is done not have.
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