Hotel of gambling house of Jing colourful whole world one evening 320 thousand

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The shop in the sitting room has luxurious Italian marble

The magazine of international authority travel of newest first phase " elite tourist " judge a “ whole world ” of the costliest flatlet, the —“ of club of “ playboy ” that is located in the Las Vegas that bet a city rests autograph of a list of names posted up of gold of ” of villa of sky of accept of · Hai Fu. The club is located in the Las Vegas that bet a city coping of hotel of palmy gambling house, last year in October practice, it covers an area of 10 thousand square foot, in all two. Although highest collect fees be as high as every night 40 thousand dollar (add up to 320 thousand RMB about) , can be numerous Hollywood star and international sports elite as before scramble for sth.

It is reported, “ rests ” of villa of sky of accept of · sea husband sets area of room of capacious sitting room, dining-room, toilet, multimedia room, gym, sauna, hot spring, bar and sun-room inside every flatlet, the shop in the sitting room has luxurious Italian marble, putting elegant large copper carve, every room that includes toilet inside stock the plasma TV of a big screen.

What be worth to be carried especially is, the ceiling of the bedroom is the mirror with tremendous one side, the water bed next is OK all-around rotate. Guest need not the pace gives guest room, need to sit in that value on the balcony only of 700 thousand dollar super- luxurious inside massage bath crock, can pass through tremendous be born glass to will pull Siweijiasi the beautiful scenery take in everything in a glance of the highway. Besides the hardware of elegant unsurpassed, the software here is likewise spotless. Every guest all can enjoy service of type of 24 hours of chamberlain, private massagist, private chef and within call of card game tool.

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