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Emphasize serving ” of “ guests feel at home, decoration when all hotel “ is comfortable sleep peacefully when ” , only the design of hotel of airscrew island town of Berlin turns over his to and go, the originality of ” of “ Jing Song here, can let you even all night difficult Mian.

Should sleep tonight where? On the operating-table that lies in white department? Float be in in the air bed? Still do not abstain from, does the choice sleep in bier?

Listen suddenly under, really mysterious! But this is current however Cong Bailin is red the whole world, person that attract Mu Ming heads for the hotel of airscrew island town that sleeps (Propeller Island City Lodge) . In 31 rooms inside airscrew island, every room is a theme, do not repeat absolutely, ” of Song of Jing of most also “ making a person unceasingly.

Creation does not have confine, dimensional decoration also is work of art. Since the Berlin wall after collapse, cheap free Berlin, attract worker of originality of world each district to migrate, in Berlin experiment new idea, airscrew island restaurant is example.

Patriarch is pulled this. Shiteluoqin (Lars Stroschen) it is the person that electronic music is created originally, as the musician that has not become famous commonly, income pole is not stable.

Think of suddenly one day, two many rooms become the boarding house that why will live restaurant is rental will increase income, after passing decorate, actually ovation, let him step into hotel industry accidentally this group.

Why to pull big a confusion of voices of Si Huisheng name?

Because he has those who be different from general restaurant,manage originality just about, he wants to let restaurant just do not sleep just! “ envisages you to lie on frozen operating-table, or it is to regard as place in shrine top like oblation, or it is to rest in bloodcurdling bier, such experience affirms extraordinary, let you even all night difficult Mian, ” is pulled this nifty ground says.

He what have fun at to music as a child, the university reads aloud visual transmission, after graduation besides creation music, also hold cameraman part-time. He ever collected about a hundred kinds of noise, as musical material, publication special.

Nevertheless, this is not he has done the wildest thing. “ I think the wildest thing wants to be devoted management hotel, insert willow, Liu Chengyin involuntarily, ” is pulled this say.

Had the successful experience of two rooms, pull this the decision makes older hotel. He spends time of 6 years, buy similarly hereinafter a building is different the room of floor, a thematic guest room that makes him, become existing thematic hotel.
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