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—— rare Er paused on October 13, 2008 hotel group announces, group already with group of big China international (Shenzhen) limited company was signed about Shenzhen blessing Tian Xier pauses the administrative agreement of the hotel, this hotel is located in Chinese Guangdong to visit Shenzhen town, have 300 guest room, book at the practice end 2009.

The subscription of this one newest agreement enhanced Xierduji further the actual strength of the public house that the group becomes Chinese widely known, this hotel also will become Xierduji first when the banking that the group develops this quickly in Shenzhen and economic center institute open are offerred all-around the advanced hotel of the service.

The autograph makes an appointment with the spot

Shenzhen of this one brand-new —— of hotel of 5 stars class Fu Tianxi Er pauses the CBD that the hotel is located at Shenzhen and area of cropland of blessing of urban center —— . Here is seat of office building of municipal government administration not only, also be China's biggest conference exhibits one of centers, gathered place of office of many class A. Shenzhen city itself also is city of center of a travel, often hold all sorts of culture, exhibition and trade fair to wait.

Koos Klein of president of area of hotel Asia-Pacific area tells Hilton: “ Shenzhen is the mart of a flying development, the MICE(with be become important with each passing day and interview large conference and face, incentive activity, activity to exhibit) destination. After the huge success of hotel of Conrad of afterwards Hong Kong, this Xin Xier that is located in riverside of blessing cropland, Shenzhen pauses the another major move that the hotel is us, it will consolidate we are in China as business affairs passenger main city, especially the good reputation of hotel of southern city first selection. ”

Shenzhen blessing Tian Xier pauses the hotel will be a modernization all-around service hotel, devote oneself to to be business affairs and recreational traveler to offer the world's top-ranking establishment, include indoor swimming-pool and deploy “ to need truly the gymnastical center of equipment of ”(Precor) card fitness. The business affairs center of the hotel has latest technology and wireless communication establishment, still set large assembly room and private assembly room, can contented activity is sponsorred square and all sorts of special demand of activity of official of around district government. The hall that the area amounts to 700 square metre can undertake all sorts of large company activities, still will attract the local dweller that seeks site of advanced marriage banquet. Round-the-clock the dining-room of 24 hours of services supplies buffet of all sorts of type of Chinese and Western, still set two characteristic dining-room that deserve to have room of private have dinner and a hall to lie fallow.
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