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W hotel rolls out a name to be willingly " the sound of Wonderlust: The brigade of W hotel whole world " (The Sound Of Wonderlust: The special of W Hotels Worldwide Tour) , the brigade of the music that aims to celebrate by a definite date of W hotel brand one year. What SONY BMG's Commercial Music Group of this Zhang You makes is brand-new special has epoch-making sense, collects song is the work of new show of a few bear the palm, wait for a person like Kylie Minogue, Natasha Bedingfield and Mark Ronson. The CD series of W hotel ovation, the person that it is guest and brand loyalty not only provided the contemporary music of ace of round-the-world Le Tan, return an assemble come from W brand subordinate and existing and will garrison the hotel is located popular music style of the city, be like Istanbul, much ha, Hong Kong.

" the sound of Wonderlust: The brigade of W hotel whole world " it is the musical celebration activity that W hotel brand developed by a definite date one year before this- - the newest explanation of ” of series of music of spot of “W hotel WonderLust, this also is the brigade of the music with W particular hotel. This year, w hotel ran a series of shows that by the bear the palm of company of Suo Ni BMG Xin Xiujin goes, if Natasha Bedingfield is in W new York,combine square (the performance of the performance of hotel of New York-Union Square) and Paddy Casey in hotel of W los angeles.

We will announce the time of more and newest show and artist very quickly. W hotel is first rolls out CD special hotel brand in whole hotel industry, and the public section inside each brand hotel broadcasts this Zhang Bei suffers the CD special of favour. The name of special of the first piece of CD of W hotel is " Boite De Nuit " , advocate playing actor is Chaka Kahn, Marvin Gaye and Les Nubians.

Regard series of CD of W hotel original creation as the 6th piece of medium special, " the sound of Wonderlust: The brigade of W hotel whole world " used at present most the packing design of environmental protection: Of 35% but second birth material and 100% can reclaim fiber. This piece of special aims to evoke the emotion of auditor, help them find the metre of W hotel Wonderlust that belongs to them, it is special music eye below:

" Lovely 2 C U " , goldfrapp combination
" Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before/You Keep Me Hanging On (aka Stop Me) "
Paul Oakenfold mixes phonic edition, mark Ronson
" I'm A Fire " , donna Summa
" Yangin " , zarema
" Angel " , natasha Bedingfield
" Wow " , kylie Minogue
Force of W hotel bend presents an order " Tell Me Why " , morgan Page and Angela McCluskey
" Wow " , mix phonic edition continuously
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