Escape the blue hotel of hubbub

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Want to experience true island goes vacationing, the Amanyara that is located in Tekesi and island of triumphant division Si Qun goes vacationing the village can bring unprecedented surprise to you certainly. 40 independent villa of Amanyara scatter on the white fine sand of Caribbean bank extension line, the conch as be being blown to to disembark by ocean wave is general. Although the price does not poor, but the guest enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave that before villatic and distinctive halcyon atmosphere can let any, will go vacationing.

Artificial adornment and sea be in harmony are an organic whole, make a tourist OK hundred release.

Besides the sea, go vacationing village itself also is a beautiful scenery.

Interior decoration is concise, but natural lasting appeal is very.

Every are villatic, be 3 French window type, become an organic whole oneself, with other and villatic complete segregation, in order to assure the guest's privacy. Interior decoration advocate call natural one's style of work as well as one's moral quality, ceiling of entrance pure woodiness and the upholster that let a person fondle admiringly are not had do not let you times feeling is easy and comfortable. Walk out of villa, greenery of the flowers in the courtyard surrounds, suddenly is like a haven of peace.

Go vacationing the heaven that the bay inside the natural cay cliff inside the village is phreatic water lover, and the black marble cistern that the seascape Zun Yiyin of stretch to the horizon spends Ni Xiya style lets you need not walk along a seaside also relaxed and happy. Place oneself here, it seems that the immortal is such nevertheless also.

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