Global head home rises early to just can wash a hot bath without start business

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There is all sides wall only besides the bed in the room, and still be a few people live a room.

First client that enters “ not to have hotel of astral class ” rests in his room.

Hotel of 5 stars class sees more, doesn't “ have hotel of astral class ” had you listened to do not have? Recently, “ of global head home does not have the start business of nuclear energy home that hotel of astral class ” discards in Switzerland.

   Rise early to just can wash a hot bath

The room here does not have a window, cannot see outdoor landscape naturally; Limitative hot water is supplied; Serve without guest room; Without TV; Once the war erupts, live the guest still must wait to live together with soldier, firemen and emergency working personnel. But the house price of this hotel is for Switzerland very cheap, want 17 pound only every night () of about 204 yuan of RMBs.

Open the concept of this hotel is by twin brother Petrick and Frank are thought up jointly. Petrick says: “ our tenet is contracted. ”

Because local hot water supplies a system to be not stabilized, the living that rises early only the guest has an opportunity to wash on hot bath. Someone else can the aspic water bath that “ enjoys ” the Alps to fall.

These basement have daedal conduit to distributing. Live in the room that guests live in device to have large conduit and fulgurite together, normally a room can stay in many guest.

   Need to shift to an earlier date a month is booked

In cold war period, all Swiss district governments and front courtyard of illicit other people are asked that he must own nuclear energy home. Not little now family the home in take refugee library of hole instead wine is small-sized perhaps dawdle field. But this one “ does not have hotel of astral class ” is this kind is used as the hotel first with the ground. The hotel can be used for 54 people, looking from outside is common reinforced concrete wall only.

It is conditional that the government allows their here open hotel, that is them the cloak bunder in must maintaining home is complete nondestructive, must offer immediately below emergency come out to use.

Although the condition is slashing, but enough novelty, this hotel still suffers a tourist to welcome quite, enter general need to shift to an earlier date now a month is booked.

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