Flower dining-room is rolled out " antarctic formula "

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Dining-room of ” of barbecue of bar of green door of British London “ suffers antarctic explorer · Sha Keer inspires Ernest suddenly, wait for main raw material with pig, ox, goose, spinach, roll out since this month brand-new ” of “ antarctic formula, feed quantity of heat is 6000 calorie.

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Antarctic formula contains appetizing dish, before dish, entree and dessert, price 75 pound (add up to 138 dollars) about.

Main dish includes what beefsteak of scamper pork, decoct and a kind of inchoate and expeditionary the daily life of a family eat to stew hoosh, deserve to be mixed with red wine, beer ice cream.

Antarctic explorer Sha Keer is the inspirational origin of this one new formula suddenly. His later generations comprises Shakeerdu hundred years expedition, the plan enters antarctic, finish the hundred expeditionary stay away from home that did not take before New Year for Shakeerdu.

Dining-room plans every to sell an one portion antarctic the formula contributes a 10 pound to sanded Keerdujijinhui (18.4 dollars) , in order to express the respect of expeditionary to Shakeerdu spirit.

England is daily general manager of Post cite restaurant the word of the heart in · reports Yalikesa: I like “ very much all the time explorer Sha Keer pauses, when be informed new expeditionary plan, I think this (roll out antarctic formula) it is to let me participate in among them tweak. ”

Antarctic formula quantity of heat is 6000 calorie, the quantity of heat that is equivalent to normal person 3 days is absorbed. But team member of hundred years expedition needs Shakeerdu to absorb so many quantity of heat everyday, ability makes sure physical strength is abundant.

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New the antarctic formula that roll out and Shakeerdu are eaten in those days a few difference exist between food.

Shakeerdu's expedition ever was food with penguin. Reed says: It is very difficult that “ should buy penguin, we had tried really. Ford accept Mu - Mei Sen department store and Harold department store say to do not have method to offer now. ”

But have affect into dish without penguin not quite. Shakeerdu's expedition is in only in those days original a few days eat penguin, rely on a kind of biltong and animal fat to mix subsequently stew boiled hoosh to live. After 4 horses that drag sled are dead, expeditionary team member mixes equestrian feed and horseflesh to feed.

Be in the London of 21 centuries, · Joule Sa uses Er of dimension of restaurant cook handkerchief goose replaces penguin, union bloats fat of beef, goose, porridge, make antarctic cooked food jointly.

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