European hotel distributor is emphasized at the network to be booked directly

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TravelClick points out, 3 exceed to become in hotel order of Europe 2007 come from book —— directly at the network as consumer online the value that buys a product is higher and higher, this trend predicts to will continue.

Solution of hotel electron business affairs precedes enterprise TravelClick will hold seminar of sex of 3 space division in September, practitioner of hotel of more than 200 Europe attends the meeting, the focal point that they debate is the trend of Internet market sale with above trend and fundamental other.

The industry of European mainland precedes the enterprise is represented, include Booking.com, CoralInt. , the Griechenland.com that place of Google, BSO belongs to and MS (market sale and sale) the expert of hotel electron sale of delegate and TravelCLICK together, shared respective opinion and optimal industry practice.

  citing, hotel must:

- in the sale strategy that brings into user comment and grade them, because these comment on the person that offset is expended to make a hotel book the effect with decision-making increasingly main generation;

- the user is online when buying, serve for its at any time and place; Online consumer is in make online before reserving a decision, should visit at least 3 to 4 websites;

- the rank that active actively superintends a hotel to go up in search engine and the place in online travel agent take the place, track an user to comment on;

- make full use of book engine, send a service through adding, hit packet of product and field service to wait, increase each order book value.

“ our seminar attends the meeting the constant change that the personage understands to hotel cent is sold, and of Internet importance rise ceaselessly, janTissera of ”TravelCLICK international president expresses, “ is in to the hope in competition the hotel distributor that win out, internet strategy needs sue for peace to change online order form to stimulation crucial. ”

2008 first half of the year, travelCLICK helped its hotel client realize gross income to grow 57 % —— to compare tower above of integral market level 23 % .

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