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Volunteer members of the public to visit the three top floors of the hotel resta

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Yesterday, the Municipal Tourism Administration jointly held with the newspaper, "thousands of people visit the most unique hotel brand in Ningbo activities" ushered in the fourth station, 12 volunteers on behalf of the people has entered the Golden Port Hotel, International Hotel and Ningbo Nanyuan New Century Grand Hotel.

Volunteers to participate in the visits of teachers, departments and units of staff, self-employed, magazine editor and retired personnel.

Golden Port Hotel: a panoramic view of Sanjiangkou

Yesterday, members of the public volunteers to visit the first stop is the old Bund Sanjiangkou (Forum News) next to the Golden Port Hotel.
Volunteers line bus ride just getting to the hotel to see the door hung a red banner are welcome to visit, people feel the enthusiasm of the hotel side.

Golden Port Hotel has been operating for 10 years, is a four star hotel, now part of the spring and the Group, the list of the three estuary and the beauty of the old Bund, excellent location, making it a landscape of Ningbo hotels.

500 sessions per year to undertake

Yesterday, volunteers and his party first visited the hotel ballroom and conference rooms. There are 11 different types of meeting rooms, the largest of the Golden Hall can accommodate 500 people at the meeting, if the re-arrangement of furnishings inside, this is also the ideal wedding held in place.

Volunteers, when his party arrived at the Golden Hall, here are preparing a wedding, I saw the magnificent hall decorations and golden around the hall ceiling, and the pieces of a giant oil painting makes the whole room is rich in European style.

"Golden Hall, with 800 square meters, more than 40 tables set up to wedding, the biggest feature is not a pillar hall, where the meeting or to do extra style wedding." Golden Port Hotel marketing manager Tang Zhiling introduced.

"When my wedding to do here, and after a few years back again, this is still pretty good!" Ye Qian Ge volunteers outside the excitement, the original four years ago, she held the wedding here, leave happy memories. Ye Qian said that the decision was a long time before the selection of gold wedding held in Hong Kong's Golden Hall, the main hall is the fancy decor and atmosphere are very impressive.

According to reports, Golden Port Hotel, undertake an annual meeting of nearly 500 field, a daily average of 1 to 2 meetings held here. King Kong in March last year, the hotel restructuring of private enterprises, is currently being carried out gradually the overall transformation of the hotel, where the future will be better hardware conditions.

Tourist restaurant with authentic Tanjiacai

Dining service is also very unique. There are over 2,000 square meters dining area, more than 2,500 seats, is one of the most unique tour the 25th floor in the hotel restaurant, where people can enjoy authentic Tanjiacai.

Into the 25th floor restaurant, later generations can see the handwritten Tanjiacai Tanjiacai plaque. Tanjiacai is one of the most famous official food, cooking methods to burn, stew, simmer, depending on, steam-based, Tanjiacai "longer than dry hair system", "good at the old fire cooking broth sea Bazhen" .

"Sit here for a night, quality food is really nice oh!" Inquired the waiter quickly volunteers Zhang Xiaoyan here is how much consumer prices. It was explained that Tanjiacai to shark fin and abalone dishes known, so the per capita consumption of at least three to five hundred dollars.

Golden Port Hotel, there are many different styles of meal boxes, which is the highest rating volunteers Yaojiang antique shop. The box is decorated with the mahogany dining table, dining chairs are also mahogany antique furniture, box side walls are hung with red painted wood figure of Tang Dynasty Banquet, ceiling mahogany box is a fake, according to Paul Temple introduced the top of the main hall construction made of.

South Garden International Hotel: The lobby can hold seven-story building a few buildings of ordinary

Volunteers to visit is located in the second leg of the central area of Yinzhou Global Nanyuan Hotel, this construction according to platinum five-star standard hotel was officially opened in March of this year, many volunteers were first entered here.

Nanyuan Hotel Group Global hotel is thirty strong - the flagship of Nanyuan Hotel Group Co., Ltd..

Hotel looks like a boat

Nanyuan global hotel investment nearly one billion yuan, a total of 53 layers of high 170 meters, the top of the main building from the plane into a regular spire towering, like most of the sails, echoing the grand port of Ningbo Oriental spirit, is the ten cities of Ningbo Great fashion landmarks.

Into the hotel, where luxury and beauty of an eye-opener for volunteers. The lobby of the hotel there are nearly 3,000 square meters, height of 28 meters to the domestic rare, making the entire lobby space can hold off several buildings to the normal seven buildings. Exceptionally luxurious lobby decorations, only one imported from the Czech Republic's glass chandeliers, to value of 500 million yuan.

According to reports, the hotel's construction details are striving for perfection, all the carpets are all New Zealand wool carpets, wood veneer seams are all less than 0.3 mm, decorated with a piece of stone blocks are used to do no color , the pattern is continuous.

"Today is really an eye-opener here, the more Hotels in Ningbo, has made the better!" Volunteers Wu Kuixiang exclaimed.

Monthly salary of five thousand from the first-line Attendant

South Garden International Hotel 52 layer and 53 layers, there is a high-rise restaurant in Zhejiang Province - Genting restaurant. Volunteers take the elevator 52 floors from a building to visit, only the second thirty seconds of time, where the elevator has three meters per second.

Genting each box from the restaurant overlooking a beautiful panorama of Ningbo: from the restaurant balcony overlooking the north, as far as can be seen near the tower Sanjiangkou; looking from the south, under construction in the southern business district (Forum News) , Yinzhou Park glance. "View of such a good restaurant, very rare in the Ningbo." Volunteers Lu Tianshu exclaimed.

Genting Restaurant 9 boxes, different styles, including top box with a ceiling of 7 meters high. Volunteers found the box in the chair extremely comfortable, the chairs are the original custom from Taiwan, the most expensive one to 9000 yuan.

"There is great dining horizons, so extraordinarily popular, reservations for dinner must be a few days in advance." Restaurant waiter introduced, Genting Restaurant Chinese food minimum 500 yuan / person, dinner minimum consumption of 800 yuan / person, excluding drinks and also service charge.

In addition to hardware, software Nanyuan global hotel also first class. During the visit, the volunteers on the crew here was quite impressed with not only all their tall, beautiful and generous, and very understanding of the situation of the hotel, Insider. The original, where the first-line staff, a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, once that is sent to Hong Kong's top hotels employment training.

New Century Grand Hotel: originality, "Camellia" in full bloom everywhere

Bridges outside the hotel, tree willows, the hotel inside the elegant, sumptuous ... ... five-star hotel opened in 2007 - New Century Grand Hotel is the third leg of the visit yesterday, volunteers felt the trouble in here the static, quiet and elegant modern hotel atmosphere.

Organized a food festival month

Into the hotel, the hotel's first floor, right in the Singapore Food Festival held. "Our buffet restaurant can accommodate about 200 people every month to launch a food festival, please come chef intimate contact with the public at night can also watch the show yet." A staff of the hotel.

New Century Ballroom concentrated in the 4th floor, there are several rooms, the largest is New Century Hall, can accommodate about 800 people. "Now we are the hotel's conference and business guests compare balanced." Working staff, the New Century opened almost 3 years, has accumulated a large number of business guests, Erju to meet here there are many, have nearly 20 games a week with different specifications meeting. Hotels of every meeting is not neglect, was set up specifically for this conference group, and carefully make arrangements and services.

"We have a meeting hall in addition to, but also can do wedding." To the staff, the current price of New Century's wedding 4000 yuan per table, still a bit in short supply. This year's wedding is all booked up, people have to book for next year's wedding.

Main "Camellia" element

Into the hotel, attentive volunteers found large carpet patterns, the shape of small lights and some decorations patterns, many places Camellia elements.

"Camellia is a flower of Ningbo, designers use it as the main design elements aimed at the luxurious atmosphere of international business underlines the characteristics of Ningbo." New Century Grand Hotel Deputy General Manager Wu Wei Dong introduction, when New Century Construction positioning is platinum five-star hotel, the investment of 6 billion, elegant style of the hotel revealed noble.

"Our hotel is invited from Australia, the United States and other international top designers design companies together to create, and they cleverly borrowed the hotel outside of the natural landscape, so that the artificial water features with the integration of the lobby, the hotel with to the wide, open landscape. "hotel reception staff is responsible, said the hotel seven different styles of restaurant, lobby bar are from the hands of well-known designers. The rooms are well-known woman from the United States, a designer.

Volunteers also visited the hotel's card room, swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, sky gardens. Oval-shaped swimming pool 300 square meters, you can lie on the side of the pool, while enjoying the scenery outside.

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