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Cast 4.3 billion enlighten do obeisance to duplicate in Qingdao hotel of 7 stars

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Enlighten do obeisance to limited company of world group Li Mansi to combine place to belong to Hong Kong branch, recently with 4.368 billion yuan of RMBs, contest gets the development of Qingdao wheat island to build power. This achieves land of bound of Qingdao real estate to clinch a deal not only total new record, li Mansi also will enlighten the palmy island that do obeisance to is panoramic, reach hotel of 7 stars caique to duplicate wheaten island, the wheaten island hopeful of Qingdao becomes China coastal the most luxurious place.

Taiwan " Chinese times " report, wheaten island is located in macrocosm of silver-colored sea of Qingdao of ─ of Education Foundation of caique of Beijing Olympic Games east side, through long long way extends Xiang Haizhong, situation is quite advantageous. This project compasses draws floor area 420 thousand smooth rice, construction sex of a mark exceeds hotel of 7 stars class and travel, meeting to exhibit wait for a project.

Li Yushan of general manager of project of Li Mansi Qingdao expresses, this is enlighten the first hotel that does obeisance to world group to invest in China is integrated category eye, start working of project of predicting next year, whole project needs 5 years about.

Qingdao municipal government develops construction to hold international sign with respect to wheaten island at the beginning of October oneself, announcement after 10 days, by Limansi exclusive contest bid succeeds. Li Mansi with floor price every make the same score meter of ten thousand four hundred RMB, namely total prices 4.368 billion price, in bringing into wheaten island bursa.

Luxurious hotel is located in global rank first enlighten island of Bai Zong Lv " 7 stars class " caique hotel, nowadays, this hotel builds square ─ enlighten the Limansi that does obeisance to world group subordinate, successful contest gets Qingdao wheat island to develop a project integratedly to build power.

Whether can Li Mansi duplicate in Qingdao palmy island? "Caique hotel Rangdibai is famed the world, we hope to also build a such public houses in Qingdao. " Gu Ruide of president of division of Li Mansi China says, "7 stars class " caique hotel is known as the 8th big miracle of world, and palmy island is Limansi's subordinate project.

He says, model of wheaten island project may be on bad terms palmy island project is consistent, but also will be become by construction the high-end project with palmy euqally costly island, "This is the project of the first hotel that we are in China, must make China the first! Must make China the first!!

Global economic depression, chinese estate is stagnant, qingdao building city more be in low fan, li Mansi of tycoon of middle east real estate why bold denounce endowment island of wheat of four contest mark? Li Yushan says, "We value Chinese economy, have hope to Qingdao real-estate industry. Have hope to Qingdao real-estate industry..
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