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Area of Asia-Pacific of intercontinental hotel group introduces Hotel Indigo bra

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Intercontinental hotel group is in Asia-Pacific area the 5th brand, build experience of classical and individual public house in the round

On October 16, 2008, special Administrative Region of Chinese Hong Kong -- now, the intercontinental hotel group with banner whole world announces to introduce the Hotel Indigo® of fashionable hotel brand with rapid development in Asia-Pacific market, passenger of contented high end experiences demand in the diversification besides traditional hotel service.

Afterwards " intercontinental hotel and go vacationing village " , " hotel of imperial crown holiday and go vacationing village " , " holiday hotel and go vacationing village " and " quick holiday hotel " after the brand, hotel Indigo®the 5th brand that makes intercontinental hotel group be rolled out in Asia-Pacific area.

Since the first public house was offerred in American Atlanta 2004, hotel Indigo® designs concept, top-ranking service level and powerful profit drive ability uniquely with its, gained height quickly approbate.

Henceforth, hotel Indigo®Will take the lead in garrisoning Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo to wait for Asia-Pacific area main city, abound the integrated experience of local passenger further.

"This one brand has quite tremendous development latent capacity in Asia-Pacific area, the passenger of new generation pays attention to the style of the hotel and grade more, expect eagerly to so unique brand, " area of Asia-Pacific of intercontinental hotel group is presiding apparitor Gao Wei this (Peter Gowers) say, "The hotel that does not have brands of any two Hotel Indigo® is identical, from advantageous and excellent optional location, to the service of meticulously, whenever He De, we will create classical and unforgettable experience for the guest. We will create classical and unforgettable experience for the guest..

"Our findings shows, zealous style and design, advocate the guest of hotel individual character produced intense resonance to this one brand. Meanwhile, to guarantee excellent operation performance, intercontinental hotel group is returned will to Hotel Indigo®What the owner of the hotel provides sale plan and operation system is all-around support. What the owner of the hotel provides sale plan and operation system is all-around support..

Be aimed at traditional hotel, be opposite to understand a passenger further the view of fashionable hotel, understand thoroughly the hotel experience that the passenger advocates truly, make clear divisional Hotel Indigo®With the hotel of other type, intercontinental hotel group is in Hong Kong, head Er, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo undertook large-scale consumer is investigated in succession. The result shows clearly, the tourist of Asia-Pacific area takes the style of the hotel and design seriously very much, advocate individual character element.

Hotel Indigo®the crystallization that becomes intercontinental hotel group and owner wisdom and creativity. Driving the important element that the brand develops in the whole world is the design concept that its name is Interpret Indigo™ . It encourages innovation, break a tradition, unique products plan is developed on the foundation of characteristic of hotel location area. This one concept is welcomed extensively with what develop business by hotel owner, become Hotel Indigo®Distinguish the crucial place at other type hotel successfully.
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