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7 days of hotels obtain wind of 65 million dollar to drop the approach that go a

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On October 16, group of hotel of 7 days of chain announces in Beijing financing is finished already smoothly the 3rd round, famous finance invests international fund of investment of orgnaization flower couplet, Hua Ping together to " 7 days " invest 65 million dollar. In the near future domestic and international economy puts storm of delay, finance to bring about financial capital to invest apiration to fall low market is small confuse condition to fall, 7 days gain the favour of international capital again, the self-identity that shows investor develops pattern to 7 days adequately and the confidence to prospect of market of hotel of Chinese economy chain. Industry believes, precede in the drive of abundant financing and multinomial industry of the advantage drive, the economy of adapting China of 7 days of hopeful trade situation that interlinks a hotel, get run economy hotel market.

This round of financing casts couplet of flower of those representing capital to invest to go against city to note endowment 7 days, besides get 7 days superior gain ability, fast outside leading those who wait for a respect to attract into long sex, the management concept that still is opposite 7 days and group government ability special approbate. It is reported, flower couplet investment regards first foreign illicit that begins substantial professional work in China as one of firms of collect equity investment, the fund that subordinate managing exceeds 7.6 billion dollar, its preeminent native land group already was finished in China include Shang De, medium the investment case of the many successes such as sea oil, Meng Niu, this reflects flower couplet adequately is a fund that has actual strength very much.

In addition, this second it is afterwards of American Hua Ping fund since 2006 have investment the 3rd times to 7 days, last year hand of Hua Ping Ceng Lian is beautiful in September forest, heart volition bank is noted to 7 days endowment 95 million dollar. Last in economy of current whole world below queasy setting, hua Ping fund again to capital of 7 days of infuse, showed them adequately to develop to 7 days of future value continuously.

7 days of swift and violent growth momentum and superior gain ability gain the favour of international finance orgnaization again and again. And flower couplet, Hua Ping is noted endowment the development pace that also will quicken 7 days. This financing will be used at continueing to advance 7 days to be in outspread layout of the whole nation, the power the whole line of capital of have the aid of enters the throughout the country all one, second line city, expand 7 days to be in continuously Hua Na, China the lead dominant position of the many area such as medium, southwest, what also can increase pair of IT systems at the same time is devoted, continue aggrandizement 7 days " Chinese hotel industry platform of commerce of the first electron " the very preponderance in the industry. 7 days of 3 million members will because benefit from benefit from reachs service facilities 7 days to perfect the promotion that waits for a respect in network dilate.
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