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Platinic Er graceful brand is gotten run Asia-Pacific is high-grade hotel market

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On October 17, 2008, shanghai -- France is elegant tall hotel group is subordinate and brand-new platinic Er of brand of hotel of 5 stars class graceful develop steadily, get run Asia-Pacific area is high-grade hotel market. To 2015, this brand network reachs hopeful 100 public houses in Asia-Pacific area, key market will include China, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Platinic Er graceful brand comes on stage at be in Asia-Pacific area before New Year nearly, the first hotel is the Bangkok platinum that is located in Thailand hotel of Er graceful monarch. Platinic Er graceful for its the development target of place set is: Bangkok is become inside nearly 10 years one of high-grade hotel brands of the richest originality. And start business of hotel of platinic Er graceful monarch before long, because its are modern,the style, complete establishment that satisfies business affairs and requirement of recreational journey personage at the same time, individuation serves, and reasonable price and obtain each reputably.

After this, platinic Er graceful 6 are achieved quickly in the hotel number of Asia-Pacific area, include this brand to be in Sydney of the first hotel among them platinic Er graceful Olympic park hotel, and the platinic Er of Changyuan of the first hotel in Korea graceful ambassador hotel.

China is the key market in process of development of platinic Er graceful brand. The first hotel that this brand is in China is platinic Er of hill of Dongguan banner peak graceful hotel, the demand of the industrial district that visits rapid development technically in the light of Guangdong and set; 3 inferior inferior Long Wan platinic Er graceful go vacationing the hotel is the 2nd platinic Er in Chinese practice graceful hotel, optional location the top-ranking position at Hainan island, this hotel is organization of the conference, award swims and the good place of recreational travel.

Afterwards after two afore-mentioned hotels, the 3rd platinic Er that appears on China graceful hotel is at the beginning of this month the Beijing of practice is promoted base platinic Er graceful hotel -- one of public houses that this brand has a sense most in the Asia. Be located in development of Beijing economy technology (BDA) central position, the first international that this hotel is this area hotel of 5 stars class, sit have superexcellent situation, border 500 strong companies of numerous world.

Now the end of the year, the 10 thousand Er of Beijing that amount to platinum graceful old hotel also opens the heartland of area of business affairs of Yu Shijing hill ceremoniously course of study, this area is Chinese capital new culture and recreational division (CRD) .

Airport of graceful Bai Yun of Guangzhou platinic Er is big hotel general 2009 practice of the beginning of the year, additionally 5 hotels after tightening therewith will be Huhhot platinic Er respectively Mannailun hotel, Li Jiangbo Er graceful go vacationing hotel, 3 inferior graceful sea resides bay platinic Er platinic Er of seaside of hotel, Tianjin Mannailun hotel. Platinic Er graceful brand reachs what good international reputation gets Chinese market to be approbated energetically with its unique market fixed position. Since this brand will land Chinese market March this year oneself, network development is rapid and stable, predict to platinic 2011 Er graceful brand is in China to will own at least 10 hotels.
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