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Hotel of heart of Shanghai health Lai returns " Chinese " design elegant demeano

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Stylist builds inspiration of the derive in designing a style from Han Daijian, modernization of unfavorable balance of trade of be in harmony is conceived, in Shanghai hotel of health Lai heart returns delicate " Chinese " design.

The Shanghai Kang Laide public house that skill of world-famous KohnPedersonFoxAssociates of firm of American building design makes (ConradShanghai) , will at the completion at the beginning of next year.

Hotel of heart of Shanghai health Lai has the work that crosses times meaning this, integral structure style ushers the reign that epoch-making force has on Chinese history adequately -- Han Chao's elegant demeanour, stylist builds inspiration of the derive in designing a style from Han Daijian, at the same time modernization of unfavorable balance of trade of be in harmony is conceived, let a hotel make the newly bid of Shanghai.

Stylist is applied eletroplate excellently law, type of reseau of acting tradition of Chinese of continue to use (Lattice) design, make Yi of Yi of hotel granite exterior unripe brightness, richer and contemporary breath and China spirit are angry.

This hotel of 24 buildings, look down at Shanghai's flourishing new scope of operation is panoramic. Stylist idea is clever, also consider the street structure by the hotel in whole to design a category, special construction the platform of a series of inferior layers, with the hotel design be in harmony is an organic whole.

It is new scope of operation to perfect

PaulKatz of KohnPedersonFoxAssociates main stylist says, conceive a design at the outset when this hotel, it is to should make a brand-new public house, gift Shanghai's new role, let it become global commerce and culture center, also can reveal the flourishing picture of Chinese generation at the same time.

Additional, also consider hotel periphery new scope of operation a batch of around inferior buildings group, must have very good harmony with the hotel, because this is on the design,have challenge sex more. PaulKatz points out, it is old that new scope of operation can say build group of perfect repair model, hotel of heart of Shanghai health Lai must be perfected on this land.

In the lubricious strung of housing materials, the hotel uses gray granite, the grey brick of the small building with new scope of operation and Xiang Hui of stone carving fence gate are mirrorred. The cafeteria that is set in hotel ground floor and coffee, face nave, with the outdoors coffee that meet with opposite.

Bent wall, unconventional window lattice, make the view of the hotel broader, will new scope of operation and urban beautiful scenery all receive eye. Whole hotel uses 2900 windows that refine by hand in all, outfit embed perfect, make a moving picture.
Hotel interior decorate also uses goods of Hanchao's famous beautiful jade, copper, lacquer, silk to wait in great quantities, show Han Daifeng adequately to collect. 362 design distinctive guest room, integral building and design are very marked, let a person take the place of as place oneself Yu Han.
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